The following is a list of other South Korean TV Series to add to your watchlist if you’re intrigued by the plot of ‘King the Land’ and are a rom-com fan.

The upcoming South Korean TV series ‘King the Land’ is a romantic comedy. The plot revolves around the relationship between Goo Won and Cheon Sa-rang.

Goo-Won is the inheritor to a luxury hotel conglomerate called The King Group and is thrown into a war of succession. Cheon Sa-rang is a hotelier who all the time has a smile on her face until her path crosses that of Goo Won.

Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah were cast in the roles of Goo Won and Cheon Sa-rang respectively in the series. It is anticipated to be released on June 17, 2023, and is scheduled to air every weekend.

The following is a list of other South Korean TV Series to add to your watchlist if you’re intrigued by the plot of ‘King the Land’ and are a rom-com fan.

10 must-see K-Dramas like King the Land:

The Real has arrived! – Number of Seasons: 1

The Real has arrived!

This South Korean TV series is a weekend drama whose plot revolves around a pregnant unmarried woman and an unmarried man who get involved in a fake contract that leads them on a journey of pregnancy, childbirth , birth and romance.

The main cast members of the series include Ahn Jae-Hyun, Baek Jin-hee, Cha Joo-young man, Jung Eui-Jae, Choi Ja-hye, and Kim Sa-Kwon. The series premiered on March 25, 2023.

Rain or Shine – Number of Seasons: 1

Rain or Shine

This South Korean TV series features people exploring hope, dreams and love as they battle against a painful past. The plot revolves around two individuals who want to move on with their lives after losing their loved ones in a tragic accident.

When their lives intersect as they navigate the pain of their lives and through their attempts to overcome that pain they ultimately fall in love.

Lee Jun-ho, Won Jin-ah, Lee Ki-wooand Kang Han-na are important cast members of the series. It ran from December 11, 2017, to January 30, 2018.

Bo-ra! Deborah – Number of Seasons: 1

Bo-ra!  Deborah

This K-drama is a romantic comedy series whose plot centers on successful love coach and influencer Yeon Bo-ra who is the titular Deborah.

When Bo-ra’s life intersects with publishing planner Lee Soo-hyuk, she gets off on the wrong foot with him.

But after Soo-hyuk’s publishing company targets a real signing for Bo-ra’s next book and she finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her.

Yoo In-na and Yoon Hyun-min portrayed Yeon Bo-ra aka Deborah and Lee Soo-hyuk respectively in the series. It was shown on April 12, 2023.

She Never Knows – Number of Seasons: 1

She Never Knows

This South Korean TV series is adapted from Elise’s 2017 web novel – ‘Old Man, Don’t Put That Lipstick’.

This romantic drama comedy series revolves around characters like Yoon Song-ah and Chae Hyun-Seung who work in a cosmetics brand, Hyun-seung’s sister Chae Ji-Seung, her boyfriend Lee Jae-Woon who is BM of the company, Hyun-seung’s other. Chae Yeon-Seung’s sister, Kang Woo-Hyun who is her closeted husband, and Kang Ha-Eun, their daughter.

Won Jin-ahRowoon, Wang Bit-na, Lee Kyu-Han, Ha Yoon-Kyung, Lee Dong-ha, and Park So-yi starred in the roles of Yoon Song-ah, Chae Hyun-Seung, Chae Ji-Seung, Lee Jae-Woon, Chae Yeon-Seung, Kang Woo -Hyun , Kang Ha-Eun respectively. It lasted from 18 January to 9 March 2021.

Call It Love – Number of Seasons: 1

Call it Love
South Morning China Post

The plot of this romantic K-drama revolves around a lady named Shim Woo-joo whose life changes endlessly after she discovers her father’s extramarital affair.

After her father’s death, his mistress kicks her out of the family home. While planning to take revenge on her, Woo-joo falls in love with Han Dong-jin, the son of that mistress and her father.

Lee Sung-Kyung and Kim Young-Kwang portrayed Shim Woo-joo and Han Dong-jin respectively in the series. It lasted from February 22 to April 12, 2023 on Disney+.

My Perfect Barnier – Number of Seasons: 1

My Perfect Stranger

This South Korean TV series revolves around the time travel of two people as they bond with one another. It was first issued on May 1, 2023.

How To Be Bread And – Number of Seasons: 1

How You Bread

This South Korean Chinese TV series revolves around the love story between wish-granting pastry chef Han Do-woo and screenwriter Noh Mi-rae .

Kim Jun-myeon and Lee Se-young portrayed the roles of Han Do-woo and Noh Mi-rae respectively in the series. It lasted from 17 January to 15 February 2020.

The Undateables – Number of Seasons: 1

The Undateables
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The plot of this romantic comedy K-drama centers on relationship expert Kang Hoon-nam and Yoo Jung-eum whose dream is to marry for love. It ran from 23 May to 19 July 2018.

Kokdu: Season of the Deity – Number of Seasons: 1

Kokdu: Season of the Deity

This fantasy K-drama romance is about the relationship between an underworld god and a doctor who has mysterious abilities. It lasted from 27 January to 24 March 2023.

Aliens Again – Number of Seasons: 1

Strangers again

This 2023 K-drama depicts the lives of divorce attorneys who find divorce easier than separation while navigating love and growth. It lasted from January 18 to February 22 this year.