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The White House and Democrats have until August 7 to reach an agreement on the next stimulus package. Although the two parties agree to give a second stimulus check, they still have differences in the amount to be delivered, according to CNET.

According to Forbes, it’s been four days since the $600 jobless insurance benefit officially expired, and Democratic and Republican lawmakers have yet to come to terms with a deal to approve a second stimulus package.

Meanwhile, about 30 million unemployed citizens are anxiously waiting for this plan to be approved to receive some form of support to help them float through the crisis.

However, although lawmakers have not yet agreed on many things about the second stimulus package, they did pledge to try to reach an agreement by this Friday, according to information obtained by Forbes magazine, although this has not been confirmed officially.

If this is accomplished, both the House of Representatives and the Senate could vote the following week on the already negotiated package’s approval.

As for the stimulus checks, the two sides agree to give $1,200 to individual taxpayers again. However, there is still no agreement about the aid that will be given to state and local governments and the amount that could be awarded to provide extra unemployment aid.

Stimulus checks could start to be delivered as soon as a week after they are approved

Fortunately, it seems that once this support is approved, it would begin to be delivered in a matter of days. “If I could pass [the next stimulus bill] tomorrow, I could start printing them the following week. I could get them out right away,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

It should be remembered that the IRS began sending the first stimulus checks 19 days after the CARES Act was passed.

While lawmakers plan to reach an agreement by Friday, August 7, which is the last day the Senate plans to meet before taking a month-long recess. If the two parties reach an agreement on the bill before this Friday the 7th and taking into account that President Trump would sign it on Monday the 10th, the first stimulus checks would be sent around August 17. , taking into account what Mnuchin said.

Now you have to wait for the legislators to reach an agreement these days so that the delivery of a second stimulus check materializes as soon as possible.

While these points continue to be debated, the fact that there is a commitment to reach an agreement before the Senate goes into recess on August 7 is a light of hope for people who need more support economically.

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