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A few days ago, Facebook completely deleted a post of Donald Trump for the first time because the US president’s remarks violated the false COVID-19 information policy.

Facebook and Twitter took action against US President Donald Trump accounts and his reelection campaign, for breaching the rules set by the networks to prevent misinformation.

Twitter said it temporarily blocked the official account of the Republican presidential reelection campaign because of a tweet containing false information about the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, Trump released a video of his interview with Fox News. The president called children “almost immune” to the new coronavirus. Obviously, this statement is deadly wrong. More and more studies have shown that children are susceptible to infection and the spread of COVID-19. In the interview, Trump also stated that the new virus “will disappear” and that “schools should be opened.”

In response, Facebook responded, “This video contains false claims that some people are immune to the new coronavirus, which violates our policy on harmful COVID misinformation.” Of course, this is not the first time Facebook has deleted the content of Trump’s social platform pages. But it was the first time that Trump’s social account was deleted for posting false information about the epidemic.

In recent months, Facebook has faced increasing pressure to take a tough stance against publishing false information and hate speech. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg also defended the company’s decision not to remove Trump’s controversial posts.

Twitter and Facebook took this measure at a time when they are facing increasing pressure to combat the spread of wrong information.

When asked about Facebook’s decision during his press conference at the White House, Trump defended himself, saying: “What I am talking about (in the video) is (being immune) from getting very sick.” “If you look at kids, I mean, they can get rid of it (the coronavirus) very easily.”

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