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Billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX has raised $1.9 billion in additional funding. Information about this is contained in the document filed with the regulatory authority.

According to PitchBook, this is the largest amount SpaceX has received in a single funding round.

In February 2020, CNBC sources informed about the company’s plans to attract $250 million in the evaluation of $336 billion, and in May, SpaceX has filed with the SEC on the application round for $346 million.

Bloomberg announced a round of funding last week, citing knowledgeable sources that the transaction will result in a $46 billion shareholding value for the private company that launches rockets into space.

SpaceX will receive additional funding when it is actively expanding the Starlink satellite constellation, with which it plans to offer broadband services on a commercial basis by the end of 2020. On Tuesday, the company launched its eleventh batch of satellites of this type into space, and in total, it currently has more than 650 satellites orbiting in low earth orbit.

Fidelity Investments, the company’s current investor, has become one of the largest participants in the round, sources said.

The company conducted a new round following the successful launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft with astronauts on May 30, 2020 – it was the first private human-crewed flight to the ISS.

In early August, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon completed its first two-month mission in orbit with NASA astronauts, and in late October, the company plans to begin launching conventional crewed expeditions to the International Space Station.

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