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British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab promised on Wednesday that Britain will lead the world in responding to the coronavirus and famine, and announced that it would solve developing countries’ problems by combining diplomatic power with “world rights.” 

His newly amalgamated Office for Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) leads the expertise in the field of aid.

Raab announced a £119 million relief plan to fight coronavirus and famine, aimed at reducing the extreme hunger of 6 million people in Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Republic of Central African Republic, in the Sahel region, in South Sudan and Sudan.

“With the inauguration of the new diplomacy, the Commonwealth and Development Office, the Secretary of State has today committed to using British diplomatic methods and tools to build stronger international consensus on combating the devastating effects of coronavirus, conflict and climate change.” the British High Commission stated in Dhaka.

In addition to the relief package, Dominic Raab appointed Nick Dyer as the UK’s first special envoy for hunger prevention and humanitarian affairs and worked with other donors, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and foundations, working together to prevent a catastrophic famine.

“The global UK as a force for the good of the world is leading by example and causing the international community to band together to deal with these deadly threats as this is the right approach and can protect UK interests.”

“We can only meet these global challenges if we combine our diplomatic power with our world-leading aid skills.”

This announcement marks an important moment in UK foreign policy as the UK becomes chairmain of the Group of Seven and COP26 this year.

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