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Messi has confirmed he will be staying at Barcelona for another season.

The decision was announced after Messi had sent the club a message stating that he wanted to leave. Finally, he decided to stay and fulfill his last year of the contract.

“I am going to give my best to fight for all the objectives, and I hope it happens and can be dedicated to the people who have had a bad time. I had a bad time in the year, but it is hypocritical to say that if you compare it with the people who have had a really bad time with the virus, the people who have lost family members and who have lost many things. Hopefully, we can give our best and dedicate victories to all those people who accompany us and their families, to dedicate the best to those people who are having a hard time and that we can overcome this virus once and for all and return to normality,” said Messi, in an interview with journalist Rubén Uría, from goal.com.

The economic factor was fundamental for the decision to stay. “I’m going to continue at the club because the president told me that the only way to leave was to pay the 700 million clause, that’s impossible, and then there was another way, which was to go to trial. I would not go to trial against Barça because it is the club that I love, that gave me everything since I arrived, it is the club of my life, I have made my life here, Barça gave me everything and I gave it everything, it never crossed my mind to take the Barça on trial”, he pointed out.

Although he insisted that Bayern Munich’s 8-2 did not influence his decision, he did acknowledge that this defeat hurt him greatly. “After the defeat in Lisbon, it was very hard. We knew they were a formidable opponent, but we didn’t know that we would end that way, giving such a low image for the club and Barcelona. I wanted time to pass and then go out to clarify everything,” he said.

Messi has won a record six Ballon d’Or awards during his time at Barcelona while helping the club win 10 Spanish league titles and four Champions League crowns.

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