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Apple has just confirmed that it will hold the 2020 autumn conference on September 15. Also, Apple announced iOS 14 at WWDC in June, and we believe it will be officially launched later in the fall. It is estimated that the date will be announced during the fall conference. As for the key iPhone 12 series, it is reported that there will be 4 models, some of which support 5G, and are expected to be launched as early as the end of October.

In the invitation letter for this event, Apple only presented the Apple brand logo with a simple, slightly gradual line outline, and “Time Flies” also hinted at the main content of the publication. Due to the coronavirus epidemic’s impact, this conference will be presented online, so it is expected that the announcement will also be in the form of pre-recorded content.

However, if there is no surprise, Apple will naturally use the new iPhone at this press conference, the iPhone 12 series models that have been rumored a few days ago. At the same time, it may debut in four models for the first time. Two models will be called the iPhone 12, respectively. It is expected that only high-end models will add support for 5G connectivity, but it is not sure whether it supports both frequency bands below 6GHz and millimeter-wave frequency band specifications.

In addition to the new iPhone 12 series, it is expected that Apple will also announce the new Apple Watch Series 6, and update the new iPad models, and may also update Apple TV products. In other parts, Apple may also announce new Air Tag accessories and new protective shell accessories that support wireless charging at this event.

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