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You may be aware that Accel World ended in June. A reasonable question arises: What about Accel World Season 2?” Is it necessary to wait another half a decade before Sunrise Inc. makes a decision? Numerous times, the franchise creators have hinted that they are open to producing another installment of Accel World anime. Since then, however, no official information has been released. Another franchise in doubt is Accel World. However, is it so obvious? Let’s see what could happen to the franchise.

The manga series was launched in 2010 after the light novel reached a high level of popularity. Hima is the illustrator and Reki Kawahara is a writer for the Accel World Manga series. Manga was also a huge success, so Studio Sunrise (“Code Geass Season 3”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Tiger & Bunny”) decided to make it into an anime series.

One OVA aired on September 13, 2012 and the second OVA aired on January 31, 2013. These OVAs were referred to as Accel World EX. The production house released Accel World: Infinite Burst, a movie about the attraction and hope that was created to keep fans hopeful. It was released on 23 July 2016. Viz Media released in the USA the English Dub version of this movie in 2019.

No official announcements are made by Accel World after the film is released. The release of season 2 has been delayed for nine years by fans.

Is there an Accel World Season 2?

2022 Updates| 2022 Updates

There are many positive indicators that Accel World Season 2 may be possible. The most important is the fact that the source material from the original light novel series is sufficient to produce at least one additional season of anime. Accel World’s first season only covers a few volumes of the original novel. There are many materials available for another TV adaptation. Another positive sign is the fact that the franchise continues to expand. Accel World vs. This assumption is confirmed by Sword Art Online PS4/PS Vita Game. This theory is supported by another anime film, Infinite Burst, which premiered July 2016.

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Source Material Information for Accel World Season 2.

First, there is enough source material to release Accel World Season 2. There are 25 volumes in the light novel series. The season 1 film uses the 1-4 and 10-th volumes, while the 19th volume is used for Accel World: Infinite Burst. Season 2 could adapt the 5th and subsequent volumes, if they are released. Yen Press, at Japan Expo USA’s panel, announced that they have the rights to publish light novels in English.

Second, Accel World is worth continuing, as the first season of the anime’s second season has not been completed. It would be great if the writers added new twists to the plot from the original light novel. Each anime film and video game of the franchise has a different storyline. To complete an anime series, we need something more. If the second season is ever made, it will be the final season.

Accel World Season 2: Profits and Popularity

Reception by viewers is another important indicator. This index is not perfect, but it does provide enough information to gauge the popularity of anime among the target audience. MyAnimeList has Accel World scoring 7.28/10 300,000.+ user votes. Although not the most popular anime, it is still a good choice. IMDb shows almost the exact same number, 7,1/10 1,900 views. Hulu viewers rated the first season at 4.7/10, based on more than 6,150 votes. We conclude that viewers were happy watching Accel World’s first season.

Accel World Season 2: Delay

You might be wondering why there isn’t a Season 2, despite Accel World Anime being so popular with the fans. Two main factors might have influenced the release of Season 2:

Studio Sunrise is busy working on more lucrative projects such as Love Live! School Idol Project. This anime is much more popular and Sunrise has made a lot of money from it. We can speculate that Accel World 2 may not be on their priority lists.

Sword Art Online might be the second reason. Reki Kawahara, who is also the author of Accel World and SAO, is why the Accel World manga edition is published at a slower pace. SAO is much more popular than Accel world, so it is left behind.

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Release Date for Accel World Season 2

2022 Updates| 2022 Updates

We understand that you don’t want to wait five years for your renewal. The world of anime is not like that. We believe that Accel World Season 2 will happen, as we mentioned earlier. We doubt the announcement will be made this year, due to the release date of the videogame. The series creators did have enough time to create another installment.

They still need to promote the new season if it is on the cards. The most likely date for Season 2 would be 2023 or 2024. However, no one knows when it could occur. We are still waiting for the official announcement. Keep checking back for more updates. Stay tuned for more information.

Season 2: Characters and Cast of Accel World Season 2

Where to Watch Accel World

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Accel World Action

Haruyuki, a bullied middle-schooler who is overweight and prone to depression, finds comfort in online gaming. His life changes dramatically when he discovers that Kuroyukihime is the vice president of the student council and has topped all his high scores.

He is then invited to the student lounge where she introduces him “Brain Burst”, a program that allows users to increase their brain waves until it seems like time has stopped. Brain Burst can also be used as an augmented reality fighting sport. Users must win duels against each other to earn more points. If a user loses all of their points, they will lose access to Brain Burst for good.

Kuroyukihime explained that she decided to show Haruyuki her program because she needed his assistance. She would like to meet Brain Burst’s creator and discover the reasons why it was created. However, this is difficult. To do so, Kuroyukihime must defeat the “Six Kings of Pure Color,” powerful faction leaders in the game. Then, she will be able to reach level 10, which is the highest level.

Haruyuki is relieved that the girl helped him overcome his bullies and he promises to help her achieve her goal. Thus begins their fight for the top.

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