The LGBTQ community has become a normal thing and it is certainly because of the education and open mind of the people. But in terms of some kids then the best way to make them understand these important things is through television. That is the reason why many television series and shows are coming for them to disclose the LGBTQ. It is due to the variety that television carries that it shows kids the real shape and size of the world with love.

Here’s The List Of 8 Shows For The LGBTQ Community.

1. Andy Mack

Andi Mack

Andi Mack she is a 13-year-old girl and also the protagonist of the series. She discovered that her sister and mother raised her alone. In difficulties related to life, she at all times got the support of friends and amongst them is Cyrus. Cyrus also comes on his journey with the undeniable fact that he’s gay and starts dating TJ.

2. Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Consider probably the most popular classics, Adventure Time it is an animated show. The series is centered around a magical dog named Jake and then Finn. Apart from this, many other characters belong to the LGBTQ community. When it comes to the representation of this community then it comes with characters like Princess Bubblegum and Marceline.

3. Doc MCStuffins

Doc MCStuffins

Doc is about one of the nicest Disney animated series showing all the colours of ladies. It’s a long-running show on Disney Junior that follows the life of a young boy who tries to fix broken toys and dolls to become a doctor. Some episodes of the season are related to this particular community when a lesbian couple comes with two kids of their own.

4. High School Musical: The Musical Series.

High School Musical: The Musical Series.

It is probably the greatest kids’s televisions that falls for teenagers in addition to kids. The show has at all times given precedence to the particular community particularly through the characters Carlos and Seb. They may not be popular in the show but their presence can be felt as the most significant. Carlos is a really proud and outgoing person while Seb is more reserved.

5. Diary of a Future President


Bobby is among the supporting characters present in the show but he has a really emotional part and perspective in the first season. It was in this particular season that he started having feelings for his friend named Liam. The story is great and you do not feel trapped in it.

6. She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power

It’s a remake of an 80’s show currently set in the current world. The story released on Netflix in 2018, is a few girl who became a warrior to fight evil in the world. While there’s plenty of action in the show, there’s also plenty of love that can be seen through the character of Adora and Catra.

7. Babysitters Club

Babysitters Club

There have been many adaptations of The Babysitters Club over the years but none of them have been more appropriate than Netflix’s 2020 adaptation. Glorify the LGBTQ community that’s giving light to transgender kids. In the episode, Mary can be seen taking her babysitter company and quickly forming a bond. The seriousness is remarkable as a transgender actor is playing the role of a transgender character.

8. Stephen Universe

Stephen Universe

This show became innovative for the kids who showed the role of a particular community. The series has continuously included the identities in addition to the sexualities of characters present in the episodes. It is also related to the same-sex marriage that took place between Sapphire and Ruby.