The Polish original Netflix series A Girl and an Astronaut is a dull love triangle against a sci-fi conspiracy, an incredible try to make an intriguing subject as undemanding as possible.

Unfortunately, the show, which sacrifices its most intriguing aspects in favor of an old love narrative, is also unnecessarily complicated by an identical chronology device that splits the action between 2022 and 2052.

Explanation of the finale of A Girl and an Astronaut.

Girl and Astronaut
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The basic premise is as follows: The three main protagonists, Marta, Niko, and Bogdan, are the main focus of both timelines.

The latter two, two highly skilled Polish fighter pilots with a longstanding rivalry, soon find themselves competing for Marta’s love and participating in a space mission carried out by the Russian company SkyCom.

Niko is finally selected for the expedition, but something goes wrong, and he’s reported to have died.

But after disappearing for thirty years, he abruptly reappears, apparently no longer old, disrupting the marriage of Marta and Bogdan and raising some uncomfortable questions about his long absence.

Marta had decided to be with Niko before he left, but after he failed to return home as promised, she got closer to Bogdan. He may have told her that Niko had allegedly died in an explosion to win her for himself or to spare her the agony of never knowing his destiny.

When Niko escapes the SkyCom base and returns to Poland, it ruins each side’ plans. He arrives at his own home and meets Marta, who is still acclimating to the better technology of 2052.

Marta is amazed at her good fortune. He declares his love for the lady and embraces her age-related body without any reservations. Niko makes it very clear that he wants to be with Marta and stay with her for the rest of his life.

On the other hand, Bogdan had been keeping his heart condition a secret from his family even although he was also sick with it. Bogdan asks Marta to decide again between him and Niko now that Niko is back.

Even although they often had to fight for favors and jobs, Bogdan at all times loved Niko, and he meets his father the previous colonel to discuss Niko.

Wiktor had become frail and old, and the only one who remained by his side was Katarina, who had previously refused to give any validation. Bogdan persuades Wiktor to request the help of the Polish army and takes all necessary precautions to keep Niko safe from the Russians.

Niko and Marta spend tender evenings together while seeking refuge in a part of the nation without access to technology, but JJ ultimately finds them. Nadia kills the man just before he is prepared to kill Niko.

Even although her pursuit of Niko’s stem cells was now futile as they lacked the beneficial qualities to heal her, Niko’s childhood bond with Nadia bears fruit, and she ensures that it remains ‘ live. Niko has nothing to fear anymore since JJ is dead and the Polish army is on his side.