Expanding the horizon of the series the streaming giant is prepared to provide all its viewers with something really interesting and out of the box!!! Netflix will soon release the Polish series ‘Dziewczyna I cosmonaut’ in English with the title “A Girl and an Astronaut”.

The protagonist of the story will be played by a lady, but do not think that it’ll be a film centered on the lady as according to our sources it is going to be a love triangle.

To know more in detail about this series next on Netflix keep reading this article till the end!!!

When will A Girl And An Astronaut be released on Netflix?

Girl and Astronaut

This Netflix love triangle story called A Girl and An Astronaut will be released on the streaming giant on February 17, 2023 which is Friday.

So if you want to see something new you can add this to the February watch list. And I assure you that you’re going to not regret your decision!!!

How many episodes will there be in girl and astronaut?

Girl and Astronaut

A Girl and an Astronaut will have 6 episodes in total. And that’s pretty much the ideal length to indulge in, but the decision is still up to you whether you are going to watch it all directly or in parts.

What will be the plot of A Girl and An Astronaut?

Girl and Astronaut

As mentioned before this will be a love triangle that takes place between three characters of the series specifically Marta, Nico, and Bogdan. We will witness several types of equations shared between these characters.

The return of an astronaut after a 30-year disappearance prompts them to find his lost love again and sparks the interest of an organization determined to learn why he doesn’t age despite the passage of 30 years. So there’s also a little bit of a component of suspense in this one.

Themes of affection, pain, lost love and space are magnificently portrayed in this series and appear to play a major role in this Netflix sci-fi drama. Netflix rated the series A Girl and An Astronaut.

Who all will be there as A Girl and An Astronaut cast members?

Girl and Astronaut

The actors who will be seen playing different characters in this polish series are:

• Vanessa Alexander
Jędrzej Hycnar
• Jakub Sasak
• Magdalena Cielecka
• Andrzej Chyra
• Zofia Jastrzębska
• Anna Cieślak
• Daria Polunina
• Magdalena Boczarska
• Grzegorz Damiecki
• Agnieszka Wagner
• Andrew Zhuravsky,
• Anton Solovey
• Helena Rzasa
• Artem Manuilov

We will also see some other actors playing different characters that we’ll find out when we watch the series.

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