Destiny: A Winx Saga Season 3 is in the air. Based on the famous Winx Club cartoon, the edgy youth drama takes viewers to the Otherworld, the place fairies and experts teach within the confines of Alfea College.

Fans who have already caught Destiny: The Winx Saga season 2 will note that the sequence ends on an important cliffhanger, with Bloom (Abigail Cowen) getting closer than ever to discovering her origins.

The first season wrapped filming in December 2019 however spent nearly 12 months in post-production, with the second following a comparable timeframe, leading to a customary 20 month gap between releases .

Therefore, if the show is renewed and keeps to this model, we may additionally now not see it until late summer 2024, but it’s viable that Netflix accelerates a follow-up if the fan’s appetite is powerful enough.

Another element necessary for the word is that the viewers additionally shot for the first season of Destiny: The Winx Saga. The first season was seen in Netflix’s pinnacle 10s between 18 and 25 September with 20.25M hours.

So far, the second season has garnered 109.93M hours watched.

Destiny: A Winx Saga Season 3 Cast Members

Destiny: A Winx Saga Season 3

If the show takes the inexperienced light to move forward to any other series, then we can anticipate that the main fairies will be back.

The former includes

• Abigail Cowen (Bloom)

• Hannah van der Westhuysen (Stella)

• Precious Mustapha (Aisha)

• Eliot Salt (Terra)

• Elisha Applebaum (Musa)

• Paulina Chávez (Flora)

We will expect some new faces in the following season as well. Primarily, Alfea is now without a boss/mistress, following the distinctly brutal deaths of the remaining two. But more prominently, we are now entering the Remn of Darkness, which undoubtedly has its own list of characters.

Above all, this is Bloom’s faceless mother right now. Destiny: The Winx Saga season 3 may be released as early as fall or winter 2023.