A$AP Rocky supports and smiles while Rihanna was playing at the Super Bowl halftime 2023. We have seen how celebrities normally get support from their fans.

And the same happens with them in relation to their family and friends. If we talk particularly related to partner support then it’s most appreciated and emphasised in the industry.

Whether it’s related to some controversy, whether it was or some kind of event they went to or organized, they get every kind of support from their loved ones.

The same happened with Rihanna as she did her best Super Bowl 2023 while revealing her pregnancy.

It was none aside from her boyfriend A$AP Rocky who was smiling and giving all his support to his love. He was there enjoying Rihanna’s performance on February 12, 2023.

Here you can look at some pictures of Rihanna from the Super Bowl 2023.


Super Bowl 2023 was notable for many things but Rihanna took all the attention by revealing their pregnancy. In one of the videos released by the NFL, we can see how the rapper was supporting Rihanna by recording it through his phone. He was also seen smiling and grooving to the song while bobbing his head up and down.

A$AP Rocky is enjoying his father moment with his lady love for sure. And that’s the reason why the couple decided to have another child whose happiness we can easily see through many videos and photos.

He was seen wearing an American printed puffer jacket while holding an American flag scarf. The rapper was also wearing a baseball cap and baggy white pants.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky they became parents for the first time in May 2023. In their lives they welcomed a baby boy whose pregnancy was announced on the second of February 2022 through a magazine cover. The relationship between the couple was really good and great but in a positive way it evolved a lot with the arrival of a little one in their life.

And that’s the reason why they’re looking forward to this new baby again as it will definitely bring more positivity in their life.

This pregnancy was completely unforeseen however Rihanna has talked about bringing someone to a Super Bowl Halftime performance. No one was sure who this person was until she revealed her baby bump and everybody got the news.