Who Are We

Our founders, a couple of undergraduates at Clarkson University, recognized the impact media has on people's emotions when COVID-19 flooded the world with bad news. Now, we're fighting back by delivering the same important stories, with a positive spin!

Where All Good Things Started

Max Powers and Selorm Bruce, undergraduates at Clarkson University, recognized the impact media has on mental health. When COVID-19 struck, they noticed news sites were flooded with bad news. It seemed as though everywhere they looked, they found more reasons to feel that the world was headed in the wrong direction. Both residents of NYC, they were massively affected by COVID-19, which turned out to be the catalyst they needed to make a difference. Thus, in the heart of a worldwide pandemic, they embarked on a mission to be the light in an ocean of uncertainty.

News, As It Should Be

We’re laser focused on spreading positive, clear, factual, and relevant news. While other news sources try to scare readers into clicking misleading headlines, or promote feel-good stories that don’t actually matter (aka “fluff”), we curate important stories while putting our readers’ emotions first.

Our Core Values


We take pride in our site’s positive atmosphere. Here, you can find all of today’s most important news, without the worry.

Factual Content

Fake news is a major problem today. We believe it’s our responsibility to be extremely careful and diligent with the content we post.


We’re trusted to keep our community updated with important news, which is why we work around the clock (and never miss a day).


Our vision is to change what you expect from the news. In doing so, we’ll impact all news sites, to publish more positive content.

Our Founders

Maximus Powers


Selorm Bruce