Many actors, friends, and film industry professionals have paid tribute to Ray Stevenson following his tragic death.

Actor Ray Stevenson who played many iconic roles such as the villainous role of a British general in the Indian film that went global, RRR dies tragically at the age of 58. Yes, you read that right. The actor was a widely known entertainer because of his rather famous roles.

But now, he has left the film industry shattered because of his sudden death at the age of only 58. But what was the purpose for his death? Why did Ray Stevenson leave this world? Was this because of an accident? Or did Ray Stevenson die of natural causes? Well, here is the answer.

Few representatives of Ray Stevenson have said the exact information of how he died. According to the information they gave to the press, Ray Stevenson was admitted to the hospital because of a serious sickness. The famous Italian newspaper La Repubblica also shared this information.

According to Ray Stevenson’s representatives, the actor passed away on Sunday, just four days before his birthday. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to say that the actor must have devastated every single member of his family because of his tragic and sudden death.

The actor has played many iconic roles in the industry altogether. From playing Volstagg in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor movies to playing the main antagonist in the upcoming Star Wars series Ahsoka, the Northern Irish actor has worked hard in the industry.

And because of all this hard work, he got lots of fandom. His iconic role in the Indian film RRR was so negative that it shows how good an actor he’s. His role was one of the reasons why the film brought so much attention all over the world.

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Actors paid tribute to Ray Stevenson.

Ray Steveson
NBC News

Many actors, friends, and film industry professionals have paid tribute to Ray Stevenson following his tragic death. One of them was SS Rajamouli, the director of RRR. Here’s what he said in his tweet,

“I can not believe this news. Ray brought so much energy and vibrancy with him to the sets. It was infectious. Working with him was pure joy. My prayers are with his family. May his soul rest in peace.”

Actor Matthew Lewis said the following,

“This is so sad. Ray played my dad in the very first thing I ever did on TV. Almost 30 years ago. A suitable actor with an interesting career and I could not have dreamed of a better first experience in this ridiculous industry.”

Matthew Lewis.