Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo have welcomed their third child together after being surrounded by cheating news. We have seen many celebrities welcoming a new life into their lives and having a baby.

It is not only related to growing a family but also related to having responsibility and duty that won’t match with others. It does not matter if they’ve one child or many, their responsibilities are virtually the same. Talking about things like this then also glorifies the relationship between the parents as a couple.

Something like this happened recently with singer Adam Levine as he welcomed his third child with his wife Behati Prinsloo. The news was confirmed on January 30, 2023. The couple has not yet officially announced the birth of their third child however, many sources have revealed. For the two previous kids, the elder is five years old named Dusty Rose while the younger one is 4 years old named Gio Grace.

Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo Welcome Their 3rd Child

Adam Levine
Los Angeles Times

The baby’s name has not been revealed as it has not been made official. This announcement that he has a baby was made after 4 months when Adam Levine was surrounded by many allegations of cheating on his wife with several women. The couple announced their pregnancy with a post on Instagram back in September 2022. It was even after that when Behati Prinsloo appeared in many outings where she was coming to show her baby bump.

This couple’s relationship went through many storms as Adam Levine was alleged to have had affairs with several women. Among them was Sumner Steph who made a related tik tok video detailing the message she received from the singer while he was having an affair with her. Their affair lasts for a year. Adam Levine even said he would name the baby after her.

In the tik tok video, Sumner shared: “I was having an affair with a man married to a Victoria’s Secret model. I was young at the time. I was naive, and albeit, I feel exploited. I wasn’t in the scene like I’m now. So I must have been easily manipulated.”

Sumner also clarified later on whether or not who will get hurt is not a matter of time. She also apologizes to the kids and also to Adam Levine’s wife. When it comes to the reaction, the singer Adam denied all these rumors and things. The singer said that he had never had an affair and had crossed the line in any period of his life.