Adele revealed in a recent interview, how her boyfriend Rich Paul supported her when she needed his support the most. If one gets support from a partner in every situation then nothing can feel better than this.

Whether it’s related to the private life they’ve or the career they manage, everything is understood by the partner then tries to support or reach out. Something like this happened recently with many Hollywood celebrities who are very happy in their relationship.

Not only the loyalty and respect they needed but also the support they all the time wanted.

Something like this happened recently with the singer Adele who is receiving plenty of support from her boyfriend Rich Paul related to her shows in Las Vegas.

Adele will finally take over Las Vegas related to her performance. Her performance will take place on November 18, just 10 months after she canceled all her schedules. But with regards to the current scenario then she is getting all the support from her boyfriend as she continues this epic celebration with excitement.

Here you can take a look at what else Adele has to say about her boyfriend Rich Paul.


According to the source, Rich Paul is by her side virtually every time and helps with the preparation. There will even be an amazing opening weekend. And with regards to keeping Adele calm then he’s there to keep her too.

It was in 2011 when Adele talked about the stage fright or intense stage fights just before going on stage. She said: “I’m afraid of audiences. I’m scared shitty. At one show in Amsterdam, I was so nervous that I ran out of the fire exit. I’ve thrown up a few times. Once in Brussels, I threw projectiles at someone.”

There is no guarantee that this nervousness will come to her unexpectedly or not but with regards to getting support from Rich Paul, for sure, you’ll be gaining confidence. According to the source, the singer is currently in an excellent place right before her next performance. The source revealed:

“She’s not in a position where she needs Rich to support her, she’s in an excellent place with regards to the show and life in general. She is currently in full preparation mode so the focus is on eating very clean, sleeping a lot, and resting her voice so she can be at her best for her shows.”

It was previously reported that Adele is rehearsing virtually 12 hours a day. She is giving her whole heart and soul to the performance and is prepared for the celebration that starts on Friday.

Not only related to her boyfriend but also her son is present on the scene. She can even get the company of many close friends as she is prepared to start.