Against the Ropes is all set to be released on Netflix in January 2023, and here are the latest series updates you need to know.

You’ve heard of the idiom “beat the best of both worlds” I’m sure you have heard of it but have you ever imagined it could occur to you with regards to series genres?

If you have not thought about the fool then just give it a thought because, in the upcoming series on Netflix titled Against the Ropes, you’ll have the privilege of seeing the combination of three different genres together ie comedy, sports and drama. . Doesn’t that sound really unique and thrilling to you how do you see me for me??

I’m very sure that your answer will be yes too!!

So without further ado let’s move on to find out more knowledge and knowledge about this combination of Netflix comedy, drama, and sports!!

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When will Against the Ropes be released on Netflix?

Against the Ropes

This multi-genre series Against the Ropes on Netflix will be released on 25th January 2023 which is Wednesday. So there are still 18 more days to release this series.

So you might as well add this to your watch list for the month of January!!

Against the Ropes
Attitud Fem

Who all will be there in season 1 Against the ropes?

We will be seeing actors like:
• Michelle Rodríguez
• Alejandra Ley
• Scarlet Gruber
• Caraly Sánchez
• Carmen Ramos
• Alisson Santiago
• Giovanna Zacarías
• Cuauhtli Jiménez
• María Balam
The series is directed by Carolina Rivera, Apart from all the actors above we will be seeing some other supporting actors in other rules that we are going to find out as soon as the series comes out.

What will be the plot of Against the Ropes?

Against the Ropes
Attitud Fem

As mentioned above it is going to be a mixture of comedy, drama, and sports altogether in Against the Ropes. This means that we are going to see a wide range of emotions in this new series on Netflix.

It is a woman-centric series as the protagonist of the series is a lady named Angela. Angela was in the present because of some events in her past and now after being released from jail she tries to regain the respect and love of her daughter. Since her daughter developed a disliving for her when she went to jail that’s quite apparent.

In order to regain her daughter’s love and respect she decides to enter the world of wrestling by taking the help of a mysterious person doing all this because her daughter loves Lucha libre wrestling.

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