Aggretsuko Season 5 was released on 16, February 2023. The last season of the Netflix Aggretsuko series is also amongst the biggest.

All the bonds, friendships and acquaintances Retsuko has made over the years come together in the season finale to provide an thrilling and emotional conclusion.

Such a program can delve into such themes because this season also examines significant and harsh problems affecting contemporary Japanese culture.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Ending Explained

Aggretsuko Season 5
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Let’s look at something that will help you understand how season 5 of Aggretsuko ends.

Haida is declining and still unemployed when Aggretsuko season 5 opens, and rumors about his situation are rampant in Retsuko’s workplace.

Despite his assurances to Retsuko that he will find a job, he spends most of his time playing video games as things accumulate around him, formally adopting the lazy lifestyle.

Later, he even experiences being evicted from his apartment and the everlasting Jiro, his younger brother, humiliates him. Retsuko, meantime, will likewise talk to him about fixing his life.

The former fails to accomplish this despite accepting a demanding job at a construction site. However with the help of Retsuko, he improves a little and gets a job in a grocery store.

After helping Retsuko in her election campaign, he quits his job. Eventually, he finds another, but his line of work after the fifth season of Aggretsuko remains a mystery.

As for the election itself, Jiro wins by a landslide. The turnout was over 75%, setting a new record, but all of Retsuko’s supporters were the oppressed, non-voting segments of society.

When Jiro visits Haida the next day, Retsuko congratulates him on his victory and notes that he did not catch the man.

As for Retsuko and Haida, they return to the daily grind of the workplace, with Retsuko getting stuck on a subway train and Haida landing a good office job where he at least enjoys going to work. .

As for Shikabane, she becomes motivated to improve her life and look for a job.

Who is to blame for the Haida truck accident?

Aggretsuko Season 5

Despite being almost killed by a vehicle, Haida makes it out alive. Retsuko runs to him and is fully surprised to see him sitting on the pavement, his hands shaking and his mind blank.

Haida speculates that this is one of their rivals’ clever strategies to scare them, but he thinks it goes too far.

Retsuko is devastated by this, and tearfully declares that she won’t take part in the race.

Haida encourages her to continue their fight and take action for people like Shikabane who have given up on their lives, while his renewed tenacity revives her.

As Jiro meets his brother and Retsuko in the Aggretsuko season 5 conclusion, Haida is confident that Jiro didn’t cause the truck accident.