Netflix never lets the hopes of its viewers down anytime they want that they needed a comeback of their favourite series or their favourite movies. Netflix is ​​all set to give it back to viewers.

And as times are changing, the demand for anime amongst viewers is increasing at a really fast rate. Added to the list Netflix it really soon comes out with the fifth and last season of anime entitled Aggretsuko Season 5.

The fourth season of the same series ended on such a note that the fans were worried about what they can expect from the next season and when to expect it.

So I hope you’ll be included in the list of those fans who want to know about this series and its last Season so you do not miss anything keep reading this article until the end!!!

When will Aggretsuko Season 5 be released on Netflix?

Aggretsuko Season 5

Predictions have already been made that Aggretsuko Season 5 and the final season of the series will be released sometime in February 2023.

And those predictions will now come true because now we have the official release date of the 5th season of the Anime series and that’s 16 February 2023. So you can add this series to the list as well of the February watch.

The fifth season of the series will be released on the same date worldwide.

The official release date of the fifth season was announced by Netflix via this post:

“Besides, what will happen between Retsuko and Haida…? Watch the final season of Aggretsuko on Netflix starting February 16th!”

What will be the storyline of Aggretsuko Season 5?

Aggretsuko Season 5
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There are possibly predictions that season 5 will be picking up from the cliffhanger where season 4 left us.
Retsuko and Haida two characters from the series will now be following entirely different and separate paths this season.

Haida in this season seems to become a game recluse. At the same time, Retsuko is running for office.

In this fifth season, Haida the protagonist leaves his job as he’s forced out of his apartment owned by his own parents and at last starts living in an online café.

During the course of his life there he meets a character named Shikabane who is a sort of personality who has given up everything in his life.

The other main character of the series Retsuko decides to live with Haida in order to save him. Then the story takes a turn when the suspicious man who claims to be a member of the Diet comes to recruit Retsuko.


There is an official trailer available to provide you with a glimpse of the anime series if you have not checked it out yet at the link above.

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