Will Aggretsuko return for Season 6? In today’s entrepreneurship world, every man wants to be his own boss and does not want to work under any other Boss!!!

Because entrepreneurship comes with so much freedom and individuality that you cannot think of doing great things in life. Only working class people understand how frustrating a job can be and how it can affect your life in a negative way. The peer pressure and daily taunts they receive from their elders are often stifling.

Retsuko who is the protagonist of the anime titled Aggretsuko is one of these office workers who is frustrated by her seniors in addition to colleagues. And all this suffering of hers makes her feel anxious and so frustrated and helpless.

Recently the 5th season of the series was released and now all its viewers want to know with eagerness if it will come out with the next season and if it’s coming then when it will come.

So without further delay let’s continue to find out the likelihood of the series being renewed and lots of other information about it!!!

What is the release date of Aggretsuko Season 6?

Aggretsuko Season 6

The 5th season of the same series released on 16th February 2023. After watching the thrilling season 5 all the viewers are eagerly waiting for its fifth season but there’s bad news for all the fans out there Netflix is ​​still as he confirmed that the 5th season was the last. season of this!!

Before the announcement was made that this is the last season, fans were highly speculating that he will return with his Aggretsuko Season 6 looking at the responses he received from the viewers since he was one of the anime series the more loved on Netflix.

Why did Netflix decide to keep season 5 as the last season of Aggretsuko?

Aggretsuko Season 6
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The series essentially centers around the main character named Retsuko and she is a Red Panda who is an office worker.

And at the same time she is doing two jobs a day: a corporate worker by day and a death metal singer by night. The seconds she is doing to take out her frustration of the first job.

And in the previous and last season of the series, we all saw that Retsuko and Haida are finally getting away from the job they were so unhappy with, and now all their frustration will be over.

In fact, Haida is ruling the punk rock world and Retsuko is getting better with her self-esteem issues.

Also during the previous season, we found the answer to the most vital question around which the series revolves: will Retsuko and Haida finally overcome their anxiety and confess their feelings to those who annoy them?

So now the story looks like it is done and so there is no need to extend it any further because the viewers will then lose interest in it!!

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