Pitipol Ybarra’s positive Mexican drama “All the Places” was available on Netflix. Fernando and Gabriela, two sisters who have not spoken to one another for 15 years, reconciled and reunited after their father’s death.

They, however, have many fond memories of their childhood reunion. The experiences they had while riding their motorbikes.

After the death of their father, Fernando and Gabriela, now adults with worries about their career and private life, finally decided to cherish the old memories that they and their father had left behind.

Explanation of All Places End

All Places

Every single person has some regrets. They believe that they will be capable to forget their regrets as time goes by, but this isn’t at all times the case.

Similar to Fernando, who was responsible for leaving his house empty after his mother left and for having a young man who was not his. So, while under the influence of the mushroom, he expressed his concern.

He confided in his sister, with whom he felt most snug, about the situation. Gabo, on the other hand, had some regrets of her own.

She had tried to get pregnant for several years but was unsuccessful, and her husband had also filed for divorce. Although it was not her fault that she couldn’t have kids, the absence of that ideal sometimes bothered her, so she decided to attain all her goals.

Fernando was determined that he wouldn’t, despite her wishes for the kids and for her brother and his son to reconcile.

In front of his child and the woman he left shortly after she became pregnant, Fernando was afraid to face them. As a result, he found it quite difficult to take this action. Nevertheless, he decided to try it at Gabo’s urging.

He brought his sister to the house of his son’s ex and his girlfriend. Even when he discovered his child on a playground, he did not have the courage to say hello.

Fernando resisted Gabo’s advice to address his son because he was afraid his son would hate him for it. Fernando however met his ex-girlfriend, who also happened to be the mother of his son.

Fernando couldn’t answer when she asked if he would be capable to be there for his son as he was not convinced that he could be a good father.

Since it was not appropriate for her to pursue the matter until her brother had made up his mind, he fell out with Gabo again, who ultimately forgave him and gave him some time to consider the problem.

According to the newspaper, they ultimately ran out and urinated in the ocean in Acapulco. After her heart broke, Gabriela revealed to her brother that she was in her element at her father’s house in San Miguel, but now she wanted to get on with her life.

Fernando and his son Ricardo finally meet at the conclusion of the film. These two brothers seemed to have the strength to continue with their lives and the wisdom to accept responsibility for their mistakes.”All the Places” is a brief film of delight.

It contains lots of humor, nostalgia, and a sophisticated connection between the two brothers. The story is presented in a lovely way and well decorated so that the film can be seen with little consideration.