Tomorrow’s War Updates: Amazon Prime’s latest release, Tomorrow War is very similar to the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, right down to the point where they named Will Smith and declared him dead in 2051.

The Tomorrow War is a post-apocalyptic film set in the war-torn world of 2051. The film stars Chris Prat as Dan Forester, a biology teacher and former Green Beret who is called to fight a war 30 years in the future. Now he must travel to 2051, together with several civilians, and fight a war against alien monsters called the Whitespikes.

The film has been noted to have an analogous premise to the 1996 hit film The Independence Day. On Independence Day, a ragtag group of survivors gathers to save the world, following a worldwide attack by an unknown extraterrestrial race. The Tomorrow War had a curious way of paying homage to the 1996 hit film by naming Independence Day star Will Smith.

Tomorrow’s War pays homage to Independence Day, as Dan Forester and his crew of recruits travel back in time to 2051 and land on a rooftop in Miami. The city was destroyed in the war with the Whitespikes. As they look at the destruction, veteran soldier, Dorian quips, “Welcome to Miami.”

Charlie, a recruit who befriended Dan, replied, “I’m glad Will Smith isn’t alive to see this.” The line not only mentioned Will Smith, the star of the biggest alien invasion movie of all time but also indicated that Will Smith is dead in the future.

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Dan and Charlie deduced that the people over 40 selected to jump to the future, must be dead in the future to stop a paradox. It would mean that either Will Smith was a draftsman who died in the war or he died in the intervening 30 years.

It is ironic how Will Smith who was dead in The Tomorrow War repeats his death in The Independence Day: Resurgence. Will Smith has refused to reprise his role in the Independence Day sequel. Therefore, his character was deleted from the sequel and it was revealed that his character Steven Hiller died sometime in the 30 years between Independence Day and Resurrection. Smith’s fellow cast members from Independence Day such as Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman reprized their roles in the sequel.

Tomorrow’s War tribute to Will Smith is really very layered. Dorian’s catchphrase “Welcome to Miami” also references Will Smith’s hit song from his 1997 album Big Willie Style. ‘Miami’ made it to the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #17. Tomorrow’s War shares many similarities with Independence Day.

It was even released over the 4th of July weekend – the same three days that the aliens attacked on Independence Day. It was only fitting that they pay tribute Will Smiththe star of the greatest alien invasion movie of all time.