According to rumours, Amber Heard and her two-year-old daughter, Oonagh Paige, have relocated to Spain.

The 37-year-old actress Amber Heard recently appeared at a book fair in Madrid, sparking rumors that she will move to Spain.

37-year-old actress Amber Heard chose an easy yet fashionable black ensemble for her outing.

Amber was spotted wearing black leggings and a black sweater. She also wore a black visor and sunglasses. She was also wearing a black fanny pack.

In addition, Amber also had a couple of tote bags on her person, which possibly had her new books in them. The Aquaman actress was beaming as she was being photographed by the paparazzi from afar.

After the trial, Heard appeared keen to leave the country with her child. In addition, the insider revealed that the actress had chosen to live in Spain because of its more significant degree of seclusion.

Amber Heard dropped by an outdoor cafe with someone to read a book after the book fair tour. She had a black fanny pack and plenty of tote bags, which possibly contained her new books.

Amber appeared to be in high spirits despite the presence of the paparazzi, grinning for the cameras. The actress wore leggings, a tee shirt, trainers, a visor, and a waist bag as part of a relaxed yet fashionable all-black ensemble.

Company accompanied Heard, and throughout the occasion, her radiant smile proposed she was enjoying herself.

This was not her first recent visit to Madrid; after her difficult and well-reported defamation battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp ended, she moved in with her two-year-old daughter Oonagh Paige.

Rumors that Amber Heard was going to leave Hollywood and go to Spain.

Amber Heard

According to rumours, Amber Heard and her two-year-old daughter, Oonagh Paige, have relocated to Spain.

After the well-documented defamation trial involving her ex-husband Johnny DeppAmber sought a fresh start outside the United States.

She reportedly appreciates the extra solitude she can experience in Spain, away from the extreme scrutiny she endured during the trial.

The actress has reportedly been settling into her new life after being spotted out and about in Madrid.

The situation of Johnny Depp and Amber, She wanted to leave the nation and begin over because the trial was so stressful for her. She is keen to start working and filming again. She was worn out and unhappy with the outcome of the case. She thought she was being abused.

Amber Heard’s attendance at a book fair in Madrid provides an insight into her life after the trial and the outcry that moved her to Spain. Amber shows an eagerness to move forward and welcome new beginnings as she takes a casual trip.

Amber is prepared to put past struggles behind her and focus on her personal and experienced progress, whether that means turning to books for solace or seeking seclusion in her new environment.