American Gods Season 4: Will It Ever Return??

After three seasons, American Gods was on a very turbulent journey. With showrunners moving, cast members being fired or let go, delays, and the possibility of cancellation, American Gods was on the verge of cancelling. Fans are now wondering if American Gods Season 4 will be aired and if Starz will air it.

The pantheons and gods are difficult to discuss so we will be examining whether American Gods will return for its fourth run. Its story is based on a novel by the legendary Neil Gaiman.

Is there a fourth season of American Gods?

American Gods Season 4: Will It Ever Return??

No. Starz has cancelled the show.

“American Gods won’t return for a fourth series.” Starz thanks the cast and crew for bringing Neil Gaiman’s timeless story to life. Fremantle partners are also grateful.” Starz released a public press release.

Starz was not financially motivated to continue the show, despite the show’s struggles during production. The show was never popular and only barely made it to the end.

Many fans were shocked to hear that American Gods Season 4 was cancelled. It was previously reported that Season 3 of the series is still on. Fans were also assured by Neil Gaiman (author of the book), that there would be an American Gods Season 4.

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Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, the original showrunners, were fired during American Gods Season 2’s production phase. This was reportedly due to disagreements with Fremantle about the show’s budget.

Jesse Alexander replaced the duo, but it wasn’t easy. After a second season of rough waters, the show experienced major production delays due to issues between Fremantle and Starz, the US broadcaster, over an inflated budget, major rewrites, and the production team.

Multiple reports have also confirmed that Neil Gaiman was working with Cherles H.Eglee to plan the Season 4. They even wrote the outline and storyline. American Gods Season 4 would happen, assured Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods. Multiple reports indicated that Neil Gaiman was working with Charles H. Eglee, the showrunner, to plan Season 4, and to write the storyline. Charles H Eglee was also chosen to be the showrunner for Season 4.

The cancellation was not final, but the show may still be possible to continue in some way. Neil Gaiman, the author of the book, suggested that the show might be given a special film to tie up all loose ends.

“I am grateful to Starz for the American Gods experience so far. Fremantle is committed to finishing the story that started in episode 1. We’re all waiting to see how it turns out.” Neil Gaiman wrote on Twitter.

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Fremantle’s spokesperson also said the same thing: “Fremantle is committed in completing the epic adventure that is American Gods. One of TV’s most inclusive series, with the most incredible fans across the world. We are looking at all possible options to continue this amazing story with Neil Gaiman, this cast and crew.

There is no other information than the commitments made by Neil Gaiman, Fremantle. This means that even bright positive news are not yet possible.

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