Season 21 of American Idol has started and here is the recap where we can see 17 year olds standing up for the first platinum ticket. We have seen how a real star and a reality show promote plenty of talent.

And if we go particularly with the truth shows then one cannot forget the dancing and singing which are considered probably the greatest in the field.

There are many reality shows based on these talents that promote people’s confidence and effort to the next level. It is nothing short of winning a jackpot and getting a ticket to Hollywood and entertainment in general.

The same thing happens with American Idol Season 21. It’s a long-running singing competition show that finally celebrated its 21st anniversary.

The reality show came with all the previous judges and hosts where we can see new talent generators from different parts of the world.

The first contestant of this new season was Haven Madison who is just 16 years old. She is the singer of a band and all the time wanted to be a musician. She inherited this talent for music from her father who was himself a guitarist.

American Idol Season 21: 17-Year-Old Gets Platinum Ticket!

American Idol Season 21

The contestant also got praise from Katy Perry who appreciated her genuine and vocal decisions. And that’s the reason why she got the golden ticket for season 21.

Next up is Lucy Love who is the 28 year old mother. She formed Heard It Through The Grapevine which was liked by the judges. She took a second chance to prove herself and decided to go for A Song For You. And that’s the reason why she also got the ticket to Hollywood.

17 year old Tyson Venegas finally got the platinum ticket. He described his journey in Music and developed his speech. Coming with the song called New York State of Mind, he got a standing ovation from the judges.

All the judges appreciated him for his perfection and performance and it’s the reason why he was finally awarded the platinum ticket for season 21 of American Idol.

Next is Jack Nicora who is 19 years old. However, Jack didn’t get the golden ticket as they think he isn’t ready for the next step of American Idol and thus got three “nos”.

We come to the judges then Katy Perry, Luke Bryanand Lionel Richie remain in the same crops as the previous season. While on the other hand, Ryan Seacrest got back the face of the host.