American Idol Season 21 top 12 results are revealed and here are the details. Currently there are numerous real reality shows where many people are showing their talents and getting all the names and fame.

Whether it’s related to the dancing reality show, the singing reality show, or any other reality show like cooking, everything is falling in the same line.

The only thing that remains an exception is the truth show related to the lives of celebrities. Going particularly with everybody’s talent then singing is quite competitive.

To show all these items in one frame, American Idol is serving the best. The top 20 of American Idol were recently announced.

And after that, we’re getting the top 12 contestants who will perform and pave their way to the next level. It will either be a victory or it is going to be a danger where they will be leaving the show eternally.

10 contestants were chosen with the help of a vote while the remaining two will be the ones who continue with the decision of the judges. In all, a total of eight contestants will be going home at the end.

American Idol Season 21: Who Made It To The Top 12.

American Idol Season 21

Wé Ani was the first to enter the top 12 levels of American Idol. She gave among the best performances of the season called This Is Me.

Next is Michael Williams who also survived to the next level while singing a really lovely song. He did like a dream thing and fulfilled it in a cool Avatar. And that’s the reason why Katy Perry was the one vibing during Michael’s performance.

Lionel Richie then appreciated one contestant named Hannah Nicolaisen who performed the song called Royals.

According to the judge, it was the right song to stand for that comes with the right energy and is the reason why Richie added forgetting everything else as she is a star.

Warren Peay is also one of the contestants entering the top 12 of American Idol. He went with a song called It’s Not My Time which was loved by the judges who were coming up with an incredible song choice for the night.

Haven Madison is also the one who officially made it to the top 12. She gave among the best and most powerful performances of the night singing the song called 15. This was the same song she sang on the day of her audition.