Anne with an E Season 4, Will We See More??

Anne with an E, a very happy and wholesome series produced by CBC/Netflix, is based on Anne of Green Gables book series series by L.M. Montgomery. Fans of Anne Shirley Cuthbert’s story, which began when Matthew Cuthbert and Marilla Cuthbert adopted her and made Green Gables their home, have been enjoying this show. It’s not surprising that Anne has been requesting an E Season 4, it seems.

It balances comedy and seriousness in its coming-of-age drama. Discussions of critical and important issues like identity, neglect, racism and poverty have been praised for their ability to give a strong voice to the source material.

You might have questions about Anne with anE Season 4 if you just finished Anne with anE.

Anne in Season 4 of the E-Series?

Anne with an E Season 4, Will We See More??

The answer is unfortunately no. The reason the show was cancelled is not clear. This could be due to conflicting statements that Netflix, showrunners and producers made regarding the cancellation.

CBC cut ties with Netflix because of the show’s poor performance among the 25-54 age range. Catherine Tait, CBC CEO, said that Netflix was “harming the domestic movie industry in Canada”.

Moira Walley – Beckett, creator and showrunner, stated on Instagram: “We tried to get them to change their minds. We tried to find a home. We tried to find a final movie. It is often inexplicable to me. This is one such instance. It’s difficult to argue with words such as Economics, Algorithms and Demographics. These words, and others like them, are the reason Networks won’t continue.”

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This situation became worse when there was no other platform that wanted to pick up the show, which tends happen to be shows that are already 2 or 3 seasons in.

However, fans who are a part of the show’s community make an appeal online using hashtags #SaveAnneWithAnE or #RenewAnneWithAnE. created a petition titled “Renew Anne With An E for Season 4!” H.G. has collected 1.566.263 signatures to make it the fastest growing renewal petition for Netflix. Sense8 beats the previous one.

There’s still a chance Anne With An E could get a film ending, considering that Sense8 has a film final after fans have signed and demanded it. So let’s hope that CBC and Netflix will agree to give Anne With An E the proper sendoff they have been awaiting.

It won’t happen anytime soon, even if the show is renewed or filmed. We might get a better estimate in 2022 or 2023. But…

Who will be returning to Anne in Season 4 with an E-Season?

Anne with an E Season 4, Will We See More??

We will not be able to confirm any renewals until we have an updated. Everything discussed here is hypothetical and based on the events of the last episode.

If the show is renewed, the main cast including Anne Shirley (Amybeth Mculty), Marilla Cuthbert(Geraldine James), Diana Barry, Gilbert Blythe, and Gilbert Blythe might return. Other recurring characters such as Bash Lecroix (Dalmar Absuzeid), Cole Mackenzie, (Cory Gruter­Andrew), and Winnie Rose, (Ashleigh Steward) may also be back.

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The source material Anne of Green Gables spans Anne’s teenage years to adulthood. Because it has been 3+ years since Season 3 of Anne of Green Gables lands on Netflix, it is possible that the cast may have replaced.

What is Anne’s story with the fourth season of E?

Anne with an E Season 4, Will We See More??

We can still tell more stories about Anne with an E if we go back to Anne of Green Gables’ source material. The book covers Anne’s teenage years to her adulthood.

Miranda de Pencier, executive producer of the series, has stated in the past that “it’s not a good idea to reinvent a classic novel if it’s not going to be relevant for today.” It was important that we chose themes that were relevant to Canadians. It is a long-standing tradition of updating and adapting the source material to make them more inclusive, understandable, and relatable for modern audiences. Don’t be surprised to see characters or stories that you already know in the book being changed in future episodes.

Netflix and CBC have the option to continue the series, as the showrunner wants it to. Keep checking The Awesome One for future announcements.

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