Anthem has the support of Oscar-nominated artist Ryan Coogler, amongst others.

Anthem, a musical themed documentary has already been released on Hulu, which aims to “remix the American sound.” Onyx Collective produced and directed the latest documentary, which was directed by Peter Nicks.

The documentary was premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival, which took place in Manhattan from June 7 to 18 and is anticipated to be released on Hulu in June, exactly before the celebration of independence and the Month of Black Music.

Anthem has the support of the Oscar-nominated artist Ryan Coogleramongst others.

The documentary portrays the two artists as they travel from city to city discussing the national anthem, culminating in a “journey to recreate the American Sound.”

This does not look like the most fascinating movie premise, however, with the talent involved and these two musicians leading us on this journey, it can be a beautiful experience.

What is the story of ‘Anthem’?


Anthem, a reimagining of The Star-Spangled Banner, includes a celebrated composer Chris Bowers and Grammy-winning music producer Dahi on a musical journey across America to develop a completely unique and contemporary sound, inspired by what would be America’s national anthem if composed today.

What is the release date of ‘Anthem’?


Although Anthem is set to be released on Hulu on June 28, 2023, it’s unclear whether it is going to be accessible to abroad audiences, as there has been no update on worldwide streaming licenses for Disney+ and Star+.

Who is part of the Cast in ‘Anthem’?


Chris Bowers

DJ Dahi

Ruby Amanfu

Joy Harjo

Charity Bogden

Is there a Trailer?

A few of the selection pictures show anticipation and tension as the characters face an uphill battle to change a piece of music with nearly two centuries of history.

In an effort to attain their goal, they can even be seen traveling from city to city and chatting with artists of every kind of musical styles.

An interviewee asks a question at the very end of the teaser that nearly perfectly covers the overall mood of the upcoming episode. “How can you universalize the experience of being an American?”