Apple TV+ Monsterverse – All The News You Need!

Legendary announced that MonsterVerse will finally get a TV series. However, it surprised everyone that the show won’t be coming to HBO Max. This is despite the fact that the film “Godzilla vs Kong”, which was produced with WarnerBros (who owned HBO Max), was added production.

The film grossed over 1.9 billion dollars in the US, and 468 millions worldwide. It’s no surprise that Legendary was able to push the globe further with TV series.

Fans are still wondering if we will see the return of the MonsterVerse kings, gods, and kings, as well as how this will affect the continuity of the film and the story.

We will show you everything about Apple TV+ MonsterVerse series.

When will the MonsterVerse series be released?

Apple TV+ Monsterverse – All The News You Need!

According to an Apple TV+ press release, the network just announced that the series untitled “MonsterVerse”, was currently in development. It’s impossible to give an exact date for the series, so it’s difficult to say. It was announced by the premium network that it would be live action, but development will likely take a while. This is particularly true when you consider the CGI required for a franchise entry in “MonsterVerse”.

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It’s difficult to predict when the series will debut on Apple TV+, so it’s not possible to know for certain. If everything goes smoothly and the COVID-19 pandemic does not slow down things, it’s possible that the series could debut on Apple TV+ in the late 2023 to early 2024. However, this is not a guarantee and the series could debut much earlier than that. Fans will have to wait and watch what happens.

Who are the MonsterVerse cast members?

Apple TV+ Monsterverse – All The News You Need!

Apple TV+ had announced that the untitled “MonsterVerse” series was in development, and that Chris Black would be producing it. However, no confirmed cast members were revealed. It’s possible that some characters from the established universe could return to the show, however, because the series is set in a rich and diverse universe. It could be Millie Bobby Brown’s Madison or Alexander Skarsgard’s Dr. Nathan Lind. Both characters were pivotal in “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

It’s impossible to predict if any of these characters will be appearing in a TV series. Also, it’s possible that the producers will seek out new actors and characters to add to the show. The plot description indicates that the series will feature a family. Therefore, new actors will be required to fill these roles. Neither Apple TV+ nor any other person involved in the development of “MonsterVerse”, have confirmed any cast members.

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What is the story of the MonsterVerse series and what are its characters?

Apple TV+ Monsterverse – All The News You Need!

Although the official press release for “MonsterVerse,” the series isn’t very specific about the plot, it does state that it will follow the events in “Godzilla vs. Kong,” although not necessarily after. According to the press release, “Following Godzilla’s thunderous battle against the Titans and San Francisco’s shocking new reality that monsters exist, the series will explore the journey of one family to discover its hidden secrets and to find a legacy that links them to the secret organization Monarch.”

The show seems to be more mystery-adventure than a series. However, it would not be surprising to see Titans and other monsters making an appearance, as it is a MonsterVerse entry. Apple and Legendary will soon release details about the show’s plot.

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