This time, Apple announced three new, record-breaking Watches. There is the entry-level Apple Watch SE, the new main Watch, called Series 8, and therefore the high-end Apple Watch Ultra which is aimed largely at devotees of extreme sports.

The Watch is clearly the most advanced but if, like me, you pride yourself on swimming and yoga rather than rock climbing or other advanced exercise, then perhaps the 8 Series is what you should consider.

Testing the Series 8 since just after it was announced. Here’s everything you want to know.

While it’s true that the Series 8 fits the new design that the Series 7 introduced with a much larger display, taller case (41 and 45mm), and greater sturdiness, this design has been updated.

Or start, there’s a replacement temperature sensor, two really. One is in the back crystal and the other is buried under the front display. But do not spend time trying to find them, they aren’t visible.

There are seven different finishes available, specifically four colours on the aluminum model and three on the stainless steel. Aluminum has Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and PRODUCT(RED). There was no silver last year, and PRODUCT(RED) is exceptionally sunnier this year.

The stainless steel watches come in the same colours as before, Graphite, Gold, and Silver. My review unit, the Midnight Aluminum, looks great. Mostly black, it catches the sun sometimes and glows a little bluer.
Basically, even though there are extremely subtle changes to the design, the big updates are on the inside.

These include a replacement accelerometer that’s capable of doing something very cool (or morbid, depending on your perspective). It can measure impacts up to 256g. This suggests that if heaven forbid, you are involved in a car crash, the Patrol will recognize what happened and can contact the emergency services.

If you have a GPS + Cellular Watch then it will make the call directly, but if you have a GPS only version without its own network connection then you’ll use your friends iPhone. newer iPhones have collision detection, too, but this feature on the Watch works with some earlier iPhones, too.

It’s the feature we all hope we have but never need, but it is a fairly cool extra to add.

The new temperature sensor is there to survive changes in your temperature at night, so you will want to wear it while you sleep. this is commonly used by women’s cycle tracking app to provide an estimate, looking back, to indicate the likely ovulation, which is beneficial for family planning. Additionally, overnight temperature tracking can provide general insight into one’s health, Apple says.

You must wear the Series 8 for five nights before the info collected by the temperature sensor shows up in the health app and after that, it becomes a useful metric to identify how your baseline temperature is it changes.

This will be as a result of many reasons and Apple is not using the sensor to tell you that you have a fever, for example.

One software update worth mentioning: Backtrack. It’s right down to the Compass app which has just been redesigned for watchOS 9 and works on this Watch and others back to Series 6 and the first SE.

It helps you find your way back if you are out and about and you get lost, The app records GPS data so you can retrace your steps. you will turn this feature on but if you are going someplace where there is no wifi or cellular connection, the Watch will detect this and automatically start recording. this is commonly very cool.

Apple Watch Series 8: Performance

Apple Watch 8

Apple smartwatches are slick and effective pretty much from day one, so it is no surprise that this is commonly a fast and responsive device.

Some have commented that the new processor it powers, S8, is not very different from the last chip or two.

Which it is going to be, but the purpose is that Apple has built it to be powerful enough to do everything it needs.

And as proof of this, look at the Apple Watch Ultra, which is designed to do more and has the same processor inside.

In other words, this Watch never keeps you waiting and provides the greatest complex of its capabilities, such as taking an ECG or measuring blood oxygen levels, which is another useful health metric, quickly and b an efficient way.

Battery life

Apple Watch 8

Like previous Apple Watch models, this one has 18 hours of battery life. In practice, I’ve literally never taken a Night Watch without at least 20% charge left, normally closer to 45%. Sleep tracking requires a minimum of 30%, so a fast top-up before going to sleep will be needed if the Watch is running low.

Note that the Series 8, like the Series 7 before it, is capable of fast charging, so long as you use the supplied cable and powerful charging puck.

But there’s something else. replacement low power mode means you can double the battery life to 36 hours (useful if you forgot to charge it last night and you have a busy day today).

Also, it does not turn the Watch into a zombie that only tells you the time. it will still record workouts and play music, for example. The always-on display will close, however.

Apple Watch Series 8: How about the SE?

Apple Watch 8

A new Apple Watch SE is landing now too. It still supported the same design as the first SE, that’s, the planning of Series 4, 5, and 6. However, Apple managed to reduce the price, from $ 279 to $ 249 and up. Since the $199 Apple Watch retired, this is commonly now the most affordable Watch.

For comparison, the Series 8 starts at $399, as it did for the Series 7. That’s the 41mm aluminum with GPS. Add $30 for the biggest case size and $100 for cellular connectivity.

I’ve been testing the new SE as well and it is a terrific, great value. But every time I used it, I missed the advanced health monitoring, the larger screen, and—largely with rustic fillings—the always-on display.

Apple Watch Series 8: Verdict

Apple Watch 8

At first glance, this may seem to be a gentle improvement, as a result of the very proven fact that the design is sort of the same and the only new sensor is a temperature sensor.

But that sensor only helps with family planning and that I look forward to understanding more about my health by wearing the Watch while I sleep. this is commonly a habit I fell out of and the new sensor had guided me back to it.

And then there’s crash detection, which I hope I never use but offers considerable peace of mind. Likewise, the new extended battery life is highly useful, in a pinch, whether I’m going to lose the always-on display or not.

Apple Watch Ultra is coming and has a lot to offer, but some find it too big, and most people do not need the extras it provides.

Series 8 is the Goldilocks Apple Watch.

Apple’s smartwatches have continually led the sector and to be honest, whether there hasn’t been an improvement here or not, anyway.

The very proven fact that there are useful, even life-saving improvements means that the Apple Watch Series 8 surpasses its competitors without breaking a sweat.