Are We Going to Ever See LA’s Finest Season 3 Again??

LA’s Finest, a spin-off from Bad Boys’ franchise is a great TV series about action crime. There are reports that LA’s Finest won’t have a season.

This American comedy-action TV series was created by Brandon Margolis, and Brandon Sonnier. It premiered on Spectrum on May 13, 2019. On September 21, 2020, Fox released the second season. This show was finally available on Netflix in December 2020. This helps it gain even more popularity.

This series, produced by Sony Pictures Television, follows the stories of Sydney Burnett (female cop) and Nancy McKenna (woman cop). They are both trying to tackle the criminality on LA’s busy streets. This series is filled with comedy and drama as well as action.

Mixed reviews are received for the show. While some critics might not consider the series to be great, its viewers love it and it has a loyal fanbase.

Gabrielle Union’s portrayal of Sydney Burnett has been praised by critics. TVLine says that the series is among the Ten Worst Shows of 2019.

Fans still want to see the third season of LA’s Finest, even though the second season ended with a cliffhanger. Will we ever see one?

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LA’s Finest Season 3:

Are We Going to Ever See LA's Finest Season 3 Again??

On October 14, 2020, the show was officially canceled. There won’t be a LA’s Finest season 3. The fans and this show will be content with two seasons.

Fans are disappointed by the ending of the second season. We can see that Syd’s and Nancy’s car explodes just after the funeral. It is also obvious that there is another car watching the explosion. This could be the mysterious one that wants Syd and Nancy to die.

Unfortunately, there is not yet a third season of LA’s Finest. Unless there is another network or platform that wants to take the show on and give us the answers we need. Fans must accept that the TV show is ending with mystery.

LA’s Finest Season Three Cancelation

Are We Going to Ever See LA's Finest Season 3 Again??

The cancellation of LA’s Finest season 3 is not a clear cause. There is speculation that LA’s Finest season 3 was cancelled because of Black Lives Matter protests.

This show, which revolves around two police officers and glorifies the police, will be seen as tone-deaf to continue it when cops are under fire. That is why the second season’s release date was delayed.

However, LA’s Finest (The Queen’s Gambit) has been a huge success on Netflix so there is still hope that the network will eventually acquire the show.

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However, this is just an opinion and guess of the fans. It is possible that the cancellation was due to ratings or budget issues, or for any other reason. We won’t ever know the reason for LA’s Finest season 3 cancellation because the creators didn’t disclose it.

LA’s Finest: The Film

Are We Going to Ever See LA's Finest Season 3 Again??

LA’s Finest has many talented actresses and actors. We may not see them again until LA’s Finest season 3.

They are Jessica Alba as Detective Nancy McKenna; Gabrielle Union as Special Agent Sydney Burnett; Ryan McPartlin and Sophie Reynolds as Isabel “Izzy”, McKenna and Ben Baines respectively; Ernie Hudson as Joseph Vaughn and Zach Gilford playing Ben Walker.

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