Are We Going to Get B Positive Season 3??

The second season of B Positive was released just last month. It is still being produced. But, will we see the third season?

The American sitcom received positive reactions from viewers, but not from critics.

B Positive is full of drama, comedy, and even a hint romance. It received 6.1 out 10 scores from IMDb.

Are We Going to Get B Positive Season 3??

B Positive premiered on CBS on November 5, 2020. It follows Drew, a psychologist and newly divorced father who desperately needs a donor kidney. He meets Gina, his high school friend who is willing to donate her kidney. Drew is a B-positive blood type, as you can see from the title.

Drew and Gina form an unlikely friendship while preparing for the donation of a kidney. Gina finds the joy she is looking for when she gives her kidney.

Marco Pennette created this show, which is based on his true story of a kidney transplant.

The first season was produced by Chuck Lorre Productions, Warner Bros Television and consists of 18 episodes. Each episode is 19 to 22 minutes long.

The total episodes for the second season are still being announced. This is because the airing of the second series is still ongoing.

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How about B Positive Season 3? Is it possible?

Season 2 of B Positive

Are We Going to Get B Positive Season 3??

B Positive, which had a very successful first season, was renewed by CBS (Mom) on May 15, 2021. The second season was released just a few days ago on October 14, 2021. It is still being produced.

The second season begins exactly where the first season ended. Drew has a kidney transplant and will attempt to restart his life with Gina’s healthy kidney. Gina also loses one.

Gina works at Valley Hills and is also blessed with a surprise fortune from a patient. This makes a huge positive impact on her life.

Drew also asks her to move out of Drew’s home, but she insists that he meet Harry, whose widow Meredith is in grave danger. Harry is an easy-going guy.

We don’t know what the end will look like, at least not until all episodes are released.

Is there a B Positive Season 3?

Are We Going to Get B Positive Season 3??

People are still wondering if there will be a B Positive season 3 even though the second season isn’t yet airing.

For now, B Positive season 3 is still unknown. The creators are likely to be focusing on the release of the second season’s episodes right now, so don’t expect any announcements about the next season.

However, the chances of the series being continued are high that the ratings don’t drop and the show still attracts many viewers. Unless creators decide that there is no story to the series and conclude the series with a perfect ending in only two seasons.

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The first season premiered in November, and the second was out in October. If they decide to continue the series, we can expect to see B Positive Season 3 in October or November 2022.

Season 3 of B Positive: The Cast

It is possible that the B Positive season 3 will feature the main cast.

This includes Thomas Middleditch playing Drew, Annaleigh Ashford playing Gina, Sara Rue playing Julia, Drew’s ex, Kether Donohue portraying Gabby, and Izzy G portraying Maddie.

It is possible that there will be new characters or supporting characters with more roles. For now, however, there is not much information about B Positive season 3.

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