Get ready to set aside a few hours for James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water (Avatar 2), as the sequel will be longer compared to the first part.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel to 2009’s Avatar will be half an hour longer than the original picture, clocking in at 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Avatar: The Way of Water (Avatar 2), a film that has been in the works for 13 years, will be released in theaters in December. Cameron’s upcoming film is part of a bigger concept that will see 4 sequels produced every other year until 2028.

Along with The Way of Water, the third (as yet untitled) has completed principal filming, the 4th has filmed its first act, and the 5th is in pre-production, with several members of the cast anticipated to return. .

The film combines underwater cinematography and motion capture technologies, which explains the long wait. Cameron has often stated that he was waiting for the technologies to be sophisticated enough for him to produce The Way of Water, despite his concerns that it wouldn’t connect with the public after more than a decade.

What will be the release date of Avatar 2?

Avatar: The Walk of Water

In short, Avatar 2 will finally be released on December 16, 2022, after being delayed from December 20, 2021, as a result of the continuous world health crisis.

The sequel began production in 2017, but considering the film’s mixture of live action in addition to motion capture components, it is no surprise it took so long. Cameron claimed in September 2020 that they were “100% done” with Avatar 2 and about 95% done with Avatar 3.

Given that we have three more movies on the way, Cameron has already been focusing on all of them lately. In December 2021 he claimed that he had already filmed portions of Avatar 4 because of the young actors.

Is there a trailer for Avatar 2?

Yes, there certainly is! As previously stated, the trailer debuted at CinemaCon and was screened solely in theaters alongside Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness before being published online in May.

Who is in the cast?

Avatar: The Walk of Water
Entertainment Weekly

The original Avatar core is all under contract, which means Cameron’s stars will return once more for the sequel:

• Zoe Saldaña will play the Na’vi princess Neytiri,
• Sam Worthington will play Na’vi from the twisted man, Jake Sully.
• Stephen Lang will play the late Colonel Miles Quaritch
• Sigourney Weaver will play the young Na’vi Kiri,
• Kate Winslet will play Ronal
• CCH Pounder will play Neytiri Mo’at’s mum,
• Matt Gerald will play Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
• Edie Falco will play the new character General Ardmore.
• Oona Chaplin will play Varang
• Michelle Yeoh will play the scientist Dr. Karina Mogue
• Jemaine Clement will play marine biologist Dr. Ian Garvin,
• Vin Diesel (The role is not yet known)

What will the plot be?

Avatar: The Walk of Water
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Jake Sully stays on the planet Pandora with his new clan. When a familiar enemy arrives to finish what he started before, Jake must join forces with Neytiri and the Na’vi army to safeguard their world.

We also know that, despite the indisputable fact that there will be three sequels after this, each film will be a standalone story, with Landau declaring that “the journey through all 4 films will build a connected saga.”

The RDA mining company will return to Pandora, causing Jake to bring his family to the “imagined shelter” in the reef when they meet the Metkayina. Avatar 2 recorded its motion capture sequences underwater to emphasise the importance of water.

We also know that Baby Driver’s CJ Jonesa deaf actor contracted to establish a “new Na’vi sign language,” devised a distinctive sign language for the film.