The recently revealed sixth Avengers film, Avengers: Secret Wars, will conclude Marvel Phase 6 and the Multiverse Saga. The film will hit theaters one year after Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, as confirmed by Marvel CEO Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

The comic, “Secret Wars” was an event that lasted for a total of 12 issues and debuted in 1984. It was recreated again in 2015.

The plot takes place on the planet Battleworld, where the most formidable Marvel superheroes and villains engage in an epic battle. The fight leads to timelines being distorted, odd character arcs, and even new clothes being worn by the characters.

We can absolutely anticipate an explosive movie, even although we still do not understand how much it is going to be inspired by the comic book arc. Scroll right down to see everything we know right now about the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars movie.

Avengers: Secret Wars Official Release Date

Avengers: Secret Wars

It was announced by Feige during the Marvel panel at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con that the release date for Avengers: Secret Wars has been pushed back to May 1, 2026.

The film was initially scheduled to be released on November 8, 2025. With Avengers: The Kang Dynasty scheduled to debut just six months earlier on May 5, we were expecting not one but two new movies from Avengers in the same year. However, a change in Marvel’s schedule has now moved both films to next year.

The head of Marvel also claimed that the increase in production from Marvel, which includes the MCU series on Disney Plus, reduces the need to release a new Avengers movie every year.

This makes sense, since Avengers members Hawkeye and Wanda, in addition to the Avengers-adjacent character Loki, were each given their own individual show. Each Disney Plus show has established lore and canon that’s incorporated into the MCU and bigger movie endeavors.

Who Is The Director Of Avengers: Secret Wars?

Avengers: Secret Wars

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is being directed by Shang-Deston Chi’s Daniel Crettin, but Marvel is alleged to be trying to find a different director for Avengers: Secret Wars.

The change is significant for the Marvel cinematic universe because the Russo brothers directed Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, as opposed to Joss Whedon, who directed the previous two Avengers films.

The two are currently expanding the world of The Gray Man for Netflix, which will most likely occupy the majority of their time. Thus, the director of the film will be announced later.

Despite this, a writer was found for the film: Michael Waldron, who wrote the scripts for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Loki, was chosen to write the script for the film.

The Cast Members of the film

Avengers: Secret Wars

There is no information about the cast of Avengers: Secret Wars because it will come out so long from now. However, Thor, Miles Morales, Peter Parker, She-Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and a host of other characters appeared in the 2015 Secret Wars comics, which the film is outwardly heavily based on.

It is also believable that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans could reprise their roles as Iron Man and Captain America, respectively, as all possible worlds exist in the Multiverse.

Plotline Details

Avengers: Secret Wars

There have been two notable Secret Wars storylines in Marvel comics. The first debuted in 1984 as part of an alliance between comic book publisher and toy company Mattel to launch a toy line alongside a significant crossover event in comics.

The first Secret Wars is therefore considered to be Marvel’s first official crossover event, with the 12-issue series advertised as the ultimate showdown between the Marvel Universe’s mightiest heroes and villains.

The Beyonder, a villain in the plot, kidnaps our heroes and imprisons them on the planet Battleworld, where they’re forced to fight other villains in what appears to be an endless conflict.

Many characters’ plots change significantly, including Spider-Man, whose familiar all-black outfit turns out to be a living alien symbiote that first tries to take over Peter’s head before merging with ‘ Eddie Brock and becomes Venom.

The basis for this plot has already been established. The Earth-838 Doctor Strange from Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness launches an incursion that destroys both his universe and another.

The Multiverse as an idea is now well established thanks to the Doctor Strange sequel and Spider-Man: No Way Home, both of which featured multiple versions of Peter Parker in their stories.

Is There A Trailer For Avengers: Secret Wars?

Not for now! Marvel has only revealed a logo for the upcoming film so far, and since it isn’t scheduled to come out until late 2025, it is unlikely to release a trailer anytime soon.