Back 4 Blood Preview Date and Gameplay Trailer

Back 4 Blood, a zombie shooter video game, is being developed on the basis of Left 4 Dead. The game was developed by Turtle Rock and will work with Xbox, PlayStation, as well as PC. It is now only a matter of days before it launches.

Back 4 Blood features a full package of guns and enemies. We will see our human protagonist “The Cleaners”, fighting the zombies. The developers are releasing trailers and footage exclusive to the game as the game nears its release date.

We have all the information you need about Back 4 Blood, from the launch date to beta testing. Let’s get to it.

Back 4 Blood Release Date and Compatible Devices

According to a Twitter update, the release date was delayed due to some reasons. The original release date for the game was June 22, 2021. It will now be released on October 12, 2021.

Back 4 Blood Preview Date and Gameplay Trailer

The game is compatible with the following platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4.

Beta for Back 4 Blood

Between December 17th and December 21st 2020, Turtle Rock hosted the Alpha testing of Back 4 Blood. Beta testing was also conducted by the developers between August 12th-16th. This means that both beta and alpha testing has been completed and you can now only wait for the official release.

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The beta testing included two PvP and two co-op maps as well as the Fort Hope community center. For those who missed beta testing and alpha, there is another way to play the game. On October 7, the Ultimate or Delux editions of the game will be available. You can get the Ultimate or Delux edition before everyone else.

Trailer and Preview for Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood has released a one-minute trailer for the game today on its YouTube channel. If you haven’t already seen the game through beta testing or reviews, the trailer gives you another glimpse. This trailer shows us some of the weapons we’ll be using in the game. It also includes melee and guns.

The trailer is based entirely on the campaign mode. This is why the trailer doesn’t contain any clips for PvP. If you’re a beta tester, the chances are you have already played the PvP mode. For those who haven’t yet tried the beta version of the game, the PvP mode will be called “Swarn”. It would not be anything like the Left 4 Dead PvP mode.

Swarn will have 8 players divided into 2 teams. The winner will be the team that survives longer against Zombie attacks. In Left 4 Dead PvP mode one team takes on the role of zombies while the other attempts to defeat them without becoming infected. The developers also confirmed that there will be no other PvP mode than Swarn.

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Back 4 Blood Preview Date and Gameplay Trailer

This was all we had on Back 4 Blood. As soon as we receive any new information about the game, this article will be updated. Keep visiting TheTealMango to keep up with the latest gaming and tech news.

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