Faster, the Batch Batch Season 2 Episode 4, is now available on Disney+ Hotstar. Dee Bradley Baker voices Clone Force 99 members Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo in the Star Wars animated series. Omega is voiced by Michelle Ang, Cid by Rhea Perlman, Vice Admiral Rampart by Noshir Dalal, and others. Dave Filoni created the series.

Bad Lot Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Bad Lot Season 2 Episode 4

Cid tells Omega, Tech, and Wrecker that she has another task for them while Hunter & Echo are working on Ord Mantell. She takes them with her to Safa Toma as security because the area is a lawless haven for many.

Riot races are held on a circuit, and Cid has a race to compete in, and earn her winnings. She races with a bashful droid named TAY-O, who is quite confident in his skills. The race and its turmoil fascinate Tech and others.

Grini Millegi, a fearsome local criminal who knows Cid from her past, visits them when they’re in their hole. He claims he has the best race and makes a bet with Cid on the winner.

Cid is definite that TAY-O will win, but just before the finish line, TAY-O is knocked unconscious by a one-two punch from two other racers. Millegi arrives to collect his prize, but Omega makes a deal with him. If they lose again, she offers double, but if they win, he must release Cid. Millegi accepts and keeps Cid as security while Tech and Wrecker collect the remains of the ship and the droid from rebuilding them.

TAY-O regroups for the race the next day, and Tech spends the morning analyzing the course and the different patterns. Finally, Millegi suggests a loss since they are not any longer running, but Tech volunteers to run instead. As Tech goes to get the bike, the gangster agrees to the amendment.

He lags behind at the start of the race but insists it is all part of his plan. He manages to move to the front of the line with some quick thinking, and just before the finish line, he’s faced with the identical move TAY-O faced. He, however, successfully avoids the attack and wins the race.

Millegi keeps his promise and allows Cid to join them, even although Cid admits that she owes them one. Millegi warns the clones as they leave that their loyalty to Cid can’t be returned. So they should stay alert.

Ending explained: Will Cid betray The Bad Batch?

Bad Lot Season 2 Episode 4

Cid’s loyalty was questioned several times in this episode, with Millegi advising the crew not to put too much trust in her. While Cid had no ill intent throughout the episode, the show emphasizes the need to remember of it.

We know very little about Cid’s backstory — despite being a Jedi spy and assisting The Bad Batch with loot-worthy tasks, she is partially responsible for all the danger factors involved.

So in the coming episodes, she will endanger The Bad Bad to her advantage. For now, Cid’s betrayal is a Chekov’s gun ready to fire.

Bad Lot Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Bad Lot Season 2 Episode 4

The possibility of Cid betraying the Bad Lot is briefly explored in this episode, and while it has been hinted at at times, the scene here clearly points to a future conflict. It’s a captivating plot line.

With Echo and Hunter out, the tone soon lightens, and Tech moves on to show off his tactical abilities in a new environment. Animated series require numerous filler episodes to earn a season; this does the job suberbly. It advances a minor narrative issue while giving one of the supporting characters some screen time.