BattleBots Season 8 is all set to be released next year in January 2023, and here are the latest series updates you need to know.

While fighting to the death is basically out of date, there are still some places where brutal combat is tolerated and actively encouraged, such as Discovery Channel‘s BattleBots.

The Discovery Channel will air a new season of the series next month, bringing with it all the metallic mayhem fans have come to know and love over the years, with all-new teams joining the fray to compete together with several fan favorites. teams.

BattleBots Season 8 release date

BattleBots Season 8
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BattleBots Season 8, the world’s best robot competition series, returns to Discovery Channel on Thursday, January 5, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

What is BattleBots Season 8 about?

BattleBots Season 8

BattleBots highlights the world’s biggest, baddest, most sturdy and fastest next-generation robots competing for supremacy in the rapidly expanding domain of Robot Combat Sports.

The series focuses on the design and construction of every robot, in addition to the backstories of the bot builders and their pursuit of the BattleBots championship.

Home-made robots built on numerous platforms and armed with a broad range of deadly weapons go head-to-head, all documented by advanced electronics and cameras on board to enhance the display and provide an analysis of the battle.

The cast of BattleBots Season 8

BattleBots Season 8

The robots will be judged by robot developer and mechanical engineer Dr. Jason Bardis, a Women in Robotics panel member, former BattleBots contestant Lisa Winter, and mechanical engineer Derek Young.

Other cast members include Chris Rosewho will provide play-by-play of the competition, ring announcer Faruq Tauheed, color commentator Kenny Florian, and Bot Whisperer Peter Abrahamson. The show is taped in front of a live audience.

What can we expect from BattleBots Season 8?

BattleBots Season 8

The most competitive field of battle robots ever assembled has arrived in Las Vegas to wage war with one goal in mind: qualify for the BattleBots VII World Championship. Sparks fly and robots die in the renowned BattleBox arena at Caesars Entertainment Studios as 50 teams compete for the sport’s ultimate prize: The Giant Nut.

This year’s top bots will experience their toughest test yet as all teams complete a planned four-fight qualifying season, armed with more deadly weapons and upgraded hardware. Additionally, for the first time, full battle schedules for all teams will be revealed before World Championship VII qualifiers begin.

BattleBots’ ever-growing rabid fan base can look forward to more battles, strategy and destruction as new format changes allow for ‘live tracking’ of wins and rankings throughout the season.

This year’s elite field includes a wide range of brilliant new teams with game-changing designs keen to stand shoulder to shoulder with the sport’s returning legends.

The tension will rise as fan favorites such as Witch Doctor, Minotaur, SawBlaze, Hydra, Hypershock, past champion, and current Golden Bolt End Game winner, and reigning World Champion Tantrum face off the most formidable teams from Europe, Australia, Canada, New. Zealand, and South America in a series of death matches.

Who can take part in BattleBots Season 8?

To compete for the title of BattleBot Champion, teams must first submit an application that includes a team video, a practical representation of the robot design, biographical information about the team, and technical drawings of the robot.

The tournament is open to anyone who can put together a team capable of making a good robot. BattleBots Champions is a challenging tournament; competing teams must follow 41 pages of rules.