Battlefield 6 Updates: A significant industry insider, Tom Henderson shares that he has heard that Electronic Arts is planning to release Battlefield 6 on both current-gen and last-gen consoles this year.

The franchise’s next major launch in 2021 does not come as a surprise as confirmed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson in an earnings call last year about how Battlefield 6 will boast levels of unparalleled scale.

Additionally, on the call, Wilson said the new consoles are allowing developer DICE to fully realize its “next-generation vision” for the long-running series.

This led us to believe that Battlefield 6 will launch completely on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. But new details hint at change since then.

Battlefield 6 Consoles last Gen

Battlefield 6

However, In a recent video highlighting the issue, Tom Henderson assures fans that there’s nothing to worry about as both versions are being developed by two separate teams, the title won’t be held back by the restrictions of old hardware.

Based on what he heard, he stated, “: “A completely different studio or a different part of [DICE] it’s working on the previous generation version and it’s something we just don’t have to worry about.” He added that the next entry could be titled Battlefield 6 or simply Battlefield.

Previous reports from Tom said that the new series will allow up to 128 players to join a game directly, even on consoles. . Battlefield’s standard 64-player limit will likely remain in place on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Among these speculations, fans shouldn’t take as final words because neither EA nor DICE has corroborated these pieces of information as fact. It is worth noting that the shooter still lacks a solid title and a number of other details. But it is going to be interesting to see how the next generation of Battle stacks up against the Black Ops Cold War.