Of Batwoman Javicia Leslie unveils her new Supergirl costume in a trendy video. Batwoman is part of the CW’s Arrowverse, which features superhero shows from Supergirl to Legends of Tomorrow. The first season of Batwoman starred Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, who quickly became a fan favourite with Rose’s loving and complex performance.

However, Batwoman heard a loud bang earlier this year when Rose announced she was leaving the game. In response, the supervisors decided to create a completely new character to take on the Batwoman costume. As a result, Ryan Wilder was born – described as a heavy duty drug addict. The CW later confirmed that Ryan would be revealed by Leslie, who became the first Black actor to play Batwoman on TV.

Batwoman Actress Update Batwoman

Leslie shared a video set via Twitter showing off her new outfit. Leslie struck several poses in front of the camera, before blurting out that he was done. The footage shows Leslie’s dress, with a red bat mark on her chest, red guards, and a red cape inside.

While Ryan Wilder will be wearing Kate’s old costume for the first few seasons of season 2, he will officially debut his new Batwoman costume in episode 3. The costume has several features that were especially designed for Leslie’s character.

The new dress will be brighter than the old one and will look much redder everywhere. For example, Ryan’s belt will have a red Bat symbol in the center, making it more visible. Although not shown in the preset video, Ryan will even be wearing a wig, as Kate Kane did. However, Ryan’s wig has curly hair that’s highlighted in red. This costume update showcases Ryan Wilder’s personality. To achieve this, it is good to know that the Batwoman team understands that Ryan has his own style and is prepared to promote Leslie as the first Black Batwoman for CW.

The revival of Batwoman’s costume is not the only change the showrunners have made to the series. Especially, while Kate Kane is spotted riding a motorbike in season 1, Ryan will be cruising around Gotham in a brand new BMobile. So, it is clear that Ryan is determined to make it onto the beloved CW show – and that Leslie seems very willing to turn Ryan Wilder into an iconic Batwoman character.