Beetlejuice 2 is in casting talk where Jenna Ortega is being considered for a lead role. There are many movies and series coming with sequels and renewals.

And once if we speak about the confirmation then the confirmation related to the casting and the characters also comes forward. But before that, many names were considered from the biggest name in the industry to the new face.

And if we speak about something like this then we consider any actor or actress who gave an incredible work in the past days, then it’s the best for the makers.

Among them is Beetlejuice which is currently being considered Beetlejuice 2. And that’s the reason why many rumors are circulating related to the main role present in this film.

And it’s nothing but the Wednesday a famous actor called Jenna Ortega who is currently in talks related to playing a lead role in the film.

Here’s more on Starr Beetlejuice 2 by Jenna Ortega.

Jenna Ortega
Entertainment Weekly

According to the makers, they’re currently on the search related to the brightest young star and nobody could fit better than on Wednesday itself.

It is about the dead couple Barbara and Adam who were played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin. They try to scare the family who were living in their house which becomes a fun plot of the film.

Talking about the sequel then it was already confirmed in February 2022. This movie is the Plan B Entertainment movie from Brad Pitt. While on the other hand, Warner Bros. are also its producers.

They come with a cast and characters so some names are confirmed and Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones confirmed certain of their rules.

While on the other hand, Winona Ryder will be there as their teenage daughter in the film. Coming to the role of Jenna Ortega so it’s not confirmed if she is taking any space in the family or not however, she is certainly taking a leading role.

It was not long ago when the actress was in a talk related to the wardrobe malfunction that occurred at the premiere of Scream 6. It was an accidental ink stain that fell on her white dress of the actress that later revealed with an apology to the designers Oliver.