Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez share an amazing bond and this is what we saw recently with the statement of the actor to his lovely wife.

If a celebrity is in love with one another then they never hesitate to hide it in front of the world. Sometimes it’s as a result of privacy reasons, they try to decide to keep it very low key and away from the media attention.

While the other time is very open in the media where they share virtually every celebration and their happiness with their fans through social media or newsletters.

The same happened recently when the actor Ben Affleck came forward to appreciate his wife. The actor without any hesitation appreciated Jennifer Lopez for being a really lovely woman.

It all happened on 21 April 2023 through a show on Friday. The actor talked about his wife’s great metabolism and said that she can eat whatever she wants.

But at the same time the host of the show named Drew came forward and said that this is also why his wife is very stressed.

Here’s what Ben Affleck shared about working with Jennifer Lopez.

Ben Affleck

Apart from all this stuff, Ben Affleck also appreciated his wife for her morals and ethics. Her work ethic is actually appreciable according to her husband and this is what Ben Affleck reflected recently.

He said that it has some magical power in itself that keeps it very grounded and at the same time very fresh.

It was not long ago when Ben Affleck appeared with Jennifer Lopez and Max in addition to Samuel. They were all watching together in great fashion while supporting Samuel in his school activities.

If they aren’t together with the family then they try to be with one another and spend plenty of time until dinner or lunch dates.

The couple feels very lucky to be with one another after the 20 long years of gap between their relationship. And that’s the reason why they do not want to lose one another and the family and decided to live under one roof.

Actress Jennifer Lopez called it a dream come true as she all the time wanted to live with all the kids together with her husband.