Ben Affleck takes his 10-year-old son Samuel for a spin in the vintage green Bronco. It is very apparent and good if some parents want to spend time with their kids.

It can be related to a suitable vacation or outing or shopping or simply sitting there at home and helping the children with their homework and other stuff.

The same happened with our celebrities who try to give all the possible time they can arrange for the kids. From vaccinations to an easy ride, everything comes in this list for them and their kids.

The same happened recently when the actor Ben Affleck appeared with his 10-year-old son Samuel. He was sitting in a classic car where he was driving himself while Samuel was sitting in the passenger car. It was on March 4, 2023 when the actor was seen wearing a blue sweater while his son was there taking in the view.

Ben Affleck Spotted With Son Samuel In A Vintage Car Ride.

Ben Affleck

Coming to Samuel then he’s the son of Ben Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner. This outing came right after the father-son duo appeared at the NBA all-star game in February.

They were there with Jennifer Lopez and the singer’s two twins named Max and Emme. Coming to the bonding of Sam or Samuel with Max and Emme then it’s going well since they think of themselves as real brothers.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are doing well with their blended families. It was recently revealed by the actress that all of them went to live together in one house. And that’s the reason why they’re very happy and it feels like a dream come true. It is certainly an emotional transition for both of them and also for the kids with Jennifer herself saying:

“It was, like, really kind of an emotional transition, but at the same time all of your dreams come true. And it is just been an exceptional year. Like, my best year I believe since my kids were born.”

If the actor is not making news with his kids then he is certainly making news with his wife. The love story of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is nothing short of a fairy tale.

The 20 years of separation were never expected to come together and get engaged and then followed by a perfect marriage. The couple met in 2021 and married in 2022 after an engagement.