Beyonce chooses a dress with white feathers for a big date with her husband in France!

Beyonce rocked a white feathered dress while out with husband Jay-Z on a lunch date. No matter how old or how young you are, falling in love is probably the greatest things.

Whether it is expression related or not, we have seen many celebrities undergo this with many outings.

Sometimes these items come with one of the biggest fashions while other time it appears to be very rooted. Going with the same then we have many Hollywood celebrity couple that fall into the same category.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are the same as their love all the time comes before many releases. They are probably the greatest celebrity couples present in Hollywood in addition to in the world.

It was recently when the two of them were hanging out in France for a really fancy dinner date. It can be seen through the Instagram photos where the singer was looking lovely as ever in her white dress. This white dress came with lots of feathers and it has transparent panels.

Here you can look at some pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z from Their Dinner Date.


The mother of three was looking very model-like as she posed in a restaurant. She accessorized herself with sunglasses. Her long hair was coming in curls. She was standing right in front of a really large chandelier which was giving a terrific background and mood.

As the picture came to the fore, many fans began to appreciate Beyonce’s look. One of the users called her the queen she really is while others decided to appreciate her as a human being.

Some people even told her and appreciated her that she enjoys every part of life in addition to falling in love with the same person again.

The singer has been making plenty of headlines recently related to her Renaissance world tour. It is her 11-year-old daughter who is also making the news related to her performance in some of her mother’s songs.

Blue is creating her future as she joins her mother in the same line. And maybe that is the reason why we saw her dancing like a main principal dancer and also enjoying many breaks on stage with her mother.

While on the other hand, a mother cannot help but appreciate her daughter. Beyonce even said that she feels very happy with her daughter Blue as she brings joy to her life.