After the break, the Japanese manga Black Clover Chapter 354 will begin the concluding portion of the previous arc. The recently published Chapter 353 of the manga, which marked the conclusion of its story, showed the celebrations that followed the defeat of the five-headed monster in the land of the sun. Fans can anticipate seeing a different side of Asta as a trainer as the series’ concluding arc begins.

However, because Black Clover Chapter 354 will be on hiatus for a while, readers will must wait to read the next chapter. Chapter 354 of Black Clover will appear in the sixteenth issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

As the final episode of the series approaches, viewers are gaining new insights into the plot, while at the same time, critics are starting to emerge. Upon the introduction of Ryu’s eye abilities, many people claimed that the author had copied the concept of Naruto’s universe eyes.

Additionally, the latest chapter makes a passing reference to the idea that another character may have a crush on Asta, which is certain to keep readers interested in the story.

The relationship between Asta and Ichika will be fascinating to watch, and it is going to be intriguing to see how the other female characters in the series react to this new twist.

So, continue reading this article to know everything about the next chapter 354 of the “Black Clover” manga, including the release date, recap, expected plotline, and more details.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 354

The Japanese release of Black Clover chapter 354 is scheduled for March 13, 2023, at 12:00 JST. For the large majority of fans all over the world, this translates to a release sometime during the day on Sunday, March 12, 2023. The release will be available to a select group of readers outside from Japan on March 13, 2023, early in the morning.

Recap Of Black Clover Chapter 353

Black Clover Chapter 354

Chapter 353 of Black Clover (“Party At Its Peak”) describes the celebration held in the land of the sun after the defeat of the five-headed dragon. Ryu expresses gratitude to Asta for his support during this conflict. Asta discovers that one of the paladins was, in fact, a former enemy who had survived death.

Additionally, Ryudo Ryuya noted at the start of Black Clover chapter 353 that Asta was able to remove the clouds that covered several islands of Hino by killing the dragon with Anti-Magic. He then praised Asta for helping him show a clear sky to the crowd.

Ryuya continued by saying that Heath’s resurrection showed Lucius’ ability to raise dead individuals at the rank of Grand Magic Knights. He also revealed that the Black Bulls were drawing up a plan to capture him, so everybody should improve meanwhile.

After that, Asta went to the party, and while there, he got his first taste of alcohol and learned about the history of Ocha-ami. After the party, he made the decision to relax in the hot spring, but inadvertently disturbed Yami Ichika, who was also embarrassed.

The next day, he expressed his regret to Ichika, but she responded by telling him that he must “take responsibility” for her. After the situation was over, the other members of the Ryuzen Seven appeared and offered Asta an opportunity to take part in a training session with them. Asta happily accepted their offer.

Expected Plotline For Black Clover Chapter 354

Black Clover Chapter 354

Even although there are numerous possible possibilities for Black Clover chapter 354, a focus on the Black Bulls and their efforts to save Asta from Hino Country appears to be the most certainly one. Ryuya’s discussion of them in chapter 353 lends credence to this idea.

Another option would be to briefly focus on Lucius. If he loses three of his four confirmed Paladins, it can be clear from the situation how he will respond and proceed strategically.

Fans can find out about his plans for the members of the Dark Triad and if he has any other plans for them besides stealing their magical attributes.

Black Clover chapter 354 can even focus on Yuno, who most likely managed to develop in the same way as Asta since he first arrived in Hino Country. Yuno and Asta continually being neck and neck with one another is probably the most significant plot constants of the series. In the final battle of the series, this pattern will likely hold true.

Where Can You Read Black Clover Chapter 354?

Black Clover Chapter 354

I mean the MediaShueisha’s official website MANGAPlus website, or Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app are the only official places where readers can get the issue. The first and last three episodes of a series can be watched for free on the first two platforms. The last option is a premium service that requires readers to subscribe in order to gain access to a complete series.