Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ is a critically acclaimed anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker.

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 Ending Explained: Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ is a critically acclaimed anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker.

With its sixth season, the British series once more ventures into dark and thought-provoking tales, presenting five stand-alone stories that explore numerous societal and technological issues.

One specifically fascinating episode from this season is entitled ‘Mazey Day.’ Set in a world where the relationship between celebrities and paparazzi has reached alarming heights, the episode sheds light on the dark side of this controversial dynamic.

The episode contains a talented cast including Zazie Beetz from ‘Atlanta,’ Clara Rugaard from ‘The Rising,’ and Danny Ramirez from ‘The Gifted.’

In ‘Mazey Day,’ viewers witness the public meltdown of actress Mazey Day, which sparks a paparazzi frenzy, including the financially struggling Bo.

Bo embarks on a journey to find Mazey, hoping to recover from her meltdown. However, her search leads her to a startling secret that’s both baffling and terrifying.

For those attempting to find answers and insights into the events, twists, and endings of this gripping episode, here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about ‘Black Mirror: Mazey Day.’

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Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

In Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 titled ‘Mazey Day,’ the story follows Bo, a paparazzi photographer.

Bo snaps pictures of TV actor Justin Camley with another man, implying infidelity. Camley begs Bo not to publish the photos, but she passes them on to her boss, leading to Camley’s suicide.

Bo feels guilty and stops working as a paparazzi. She becomes a bartender but struggles financially.

Meanwhile, actress Mazey Day is shooting a film in the Czech Republic but experiences a car accident and struggles with restlessness on set.

News outlets report on Mazey’s behavior, and Bo’s former boss offers an enormous sum for Mazey’s first photo.

Cash-strapped Bo decides to resume her paparazzi career and find Mazey’s whereabouts. However, Mazey is moved before Bo can photograph her, leading Bo on a hunt to find her.

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4

In the final act of the episode ‘Mazey Day,’ Bo gets closer to discovering Mazey’s whereabouts but is trapped in a diner when her tires are punctured by Mazey’s bodyguard.

Mazey has no choice but to call Hector for help. They learn from a waiter at the diner that the only lodging nearby is a rehabilitation center, which is fully booked by an anonymous wealthy individual.

The conclusion drawn by Bo is that Mazey should be kept in the rehabilitation facility. Meanwhile, two other paparazzi, driven by greed, follow Hector using a tracker and infiltrate the facility to find Mazey.

To their dismay, they come across Mazey, bound and immobilized on the ground, causing a sense of horror. Revealing a surprising twist, it’s revealed that the doctor who previously evaluated Mazey has expertise in voodoo practices.

As the paparazzi document Mazey’s ordeal through photographs, Bo desperately tries to free her.

However, to the astonishment of all present, Mazey undergoes a terrifying metamorphosis, turning into a menacing wolf.

The truth behind Mazey’s upheaval and public downfall is much more devastating than the paparazzi could have ever anticipated, as they watch the shocking revelation unfold before their eyes.

Is Mazey Day Dead and Why Doesn’t Bo Shoot Her?

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4

At the end of the episode titled ‘Mazey Day,’ Mazey, now transformed into a werewolf, hunts down Bo and Hector at a close by diner.

In a display of savage brutality, Mazey mercilessly kills everybody present, which includes an officer, a waiter, a couple, and eventually Hector.

Bo, however, manages to grab the officer’s revolver and shoots Mazey, causing her to revert to her human form and bleed profusely.

Although alive, Mazey asks Bo to end her life. Refusing to be the executioner, Bo gives the gun to Mazey, and in the final scene, Mazey pulls the trigger while Bo captures the moment with her camera.

The conclusion suggests that Mazey succumbs to suicide, unable to control her frequent transformations into lycans.

Furthermore, the episode cleverly uses lycanthropy as a metaphor for the dehumanizing treatment of celebrities by the paparazzi, similar to being shown as zoo attractions.

As Bo hesitates to kill Mazey but symbolically “shoots” her through her camera, she comes to terms with her role as a photographer and recognizes that the fates of Camley and Mazey were eventually determined by -their own actions.

Therefore, this episode aims to shed light on the complex relationship between celebrities and paparazzi, and shows the perception of all sides looking at the other as the antagonist.