Black Panther 2 Updates: Phase 4 of the MCU (MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE) is all set to welcome many new heroes that will be beneficial and instrumental for what happens after Avengers: Endgame.

First look at Riri Williams aka Ironheart was featured in Wakanda Forever which is currently at MIT. Riri Williams has been included in Ms. Marvel but viewers will first get a glimpse of MCU character Dominique Throne in Black Panther-2; while characters like Shang-Chi & Eternals will show their own movies.

Kevin Feige, who is the President of Marvel Studios recently with the intention of including Riri Williams in the sequel of Black Panther. This was the talk and it appeared as it was initially announced that
she was a star in a Disney+ series.

Successive images of Dominique Thorne near the set of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever have surfaced online, glimpses of her filming scenes have now hit the set. Since these images provide some idea on Ironheart in Black Panther-2, it should, should be enthralling to see how big a role she has.

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Black Panther 2
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Riri Williams was also seen wearing an MIT t-shirt in Black Panther 2 and this is certainly a good sign indicating that the MCU will keep its story according to the comic book story. In the comic book story, the young genius attends university and that is the connection that takes her a long way in the shared universe.

The star Tony Stark also went to MIT in his teens and was established as the September Foundation there as well. Riri may even be a beneficiary & contributor to the MCU, which may allow Stark to posthumously help her take over the mantle of Iron Man.

Riri Williams may get a little screen time and a role that Marvel Studios may give in Ironhearr’s Disney Plus show and protect her superhero transformation for the smaller screen, but in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever they can even combine the show on how the origin of Riri’s Ironheart and then continue with being an established hero.

By the looks of it all and as shooting continues for the upcoming sequel, the more time Throne spends on set will give the audience and fans a better idea of ​​how much time she still has to take. on the screen.