Black Summer Season 3: Will the Rampage Continue??

Black Summer was a huge hit on Netflix when it was first released in April 2019. However, there was not much information about season 2 at the time. This all changed with the sudden resurrection of Z Nation’s prequel midway through June 2021 and the release Black Summer Season 2.

Now, we’re all back in dead silence without any information about Season 3. This is an unusual move by Netflix which likes to announce new seasons very soon after they drop.

What happened? We are here to satisfy your curiosity about this exciting zombie series.

Is There a Third Black Summer Season?

Black Summer Season 3: Will the Rampage Continue??

Netflix has yet to announce whether they will renew Black Summer or cancel it. It’s disappointing to hear this, considering how season 2 ends with Sun flying off with an unknown Korean pilot, and Rose being held down at the airport in a Mexican standoff with the zombies.

Netflix took its sweet time renewing Black Summer. Our best estimate of Black Summer Season 3 will be Fall 2022. The gap between the previous two seasons was 2 years. A real-life pandemic did not help when it came time to film a fictional zombie epidemic.

But don’t rush to board the doors to hope! Jaime King, the Rose role, stated in an interview to Entertainment Weekly that she believes Season 3 will be given the green light soon. Keep an eye on The Awesome One for any future updates!

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Who Will Still Be Alive In Black Summer Season 3

Black Summer Season 3: Will the Rampage Continue??

This show is a zombie show, so characters are constantly changing. Nobody is safe. The first two seasons were centered around the main cast: Rose (Jaimie Kings), Julius (Justin Chu Cary), Lance, Kelsey Flower), Sun and many others.

Rose fate remains unknown following the Mexican standoff with zombies. Lance doesn’t seem likely to be back anytime soon, unless it’s for someone. Sun flew off to an unknown sunset, while Julius still has vengeance for Rose.

There’s no limit to what you can do on this show. Given how many characters have lost their humanity as functional human beings, it is possible that they won’t return for a third season. They may return, but not as part the living.

This ambiguous arrangement allows for new faces, since the show has a tendency to introduce new characters that are prone to be new zombie-bait and then quickly kill them off.

What is the story behind Black Summer Season 3

Black Summer Season 3: Will the Rampage Continue??’s main star Jaimie King stated that the show could continue for years, but she believes it would be more powerful to finish it in three seasons. That sentiment is evidently shared by the rest of their team.

In the same interview, she also suggested themes that the show could explore in its third season. She said “What do I do when there is no more commodities left?” This idea would be a good fit for Season 2, where human survivors have limited resources and no means of resupply.

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The rest of the story is the same, but the finale of Season 2 will give us a better idea. Sun, the only survivor of the group, made it to the plane in the final. It seems that she will be safe until the plane lands somewhere. We would be shocked if her story wasn’t developed further in season 3 or, worse, buried into the next season.

Rose and Anna are now dead. We don’t know if they are still alive, as they didn’t make the plane. Anna returned to her mother, who was still in critical condition. However, she hijacked a car. Is she able to drive the car without Rose? What happened to Rose in the aftermath of the stand-off?

It is possible that Black Summer Season 3 will be entirely focused on a new cast, with all the actors from Season 2 being part of the ensemble. This is because the show isn’t too character-driven.

It all depends upon the demand for the show. So unless the dead start to chase us and demand a piece of our meat. Keep an eye out here on The Awesome One for future announcements!

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