The blacklist Season 10 is all set to release its next episode 3 in March 2023. So, all the fans of the series are curious and excited to know about its release date , the plotline, and all the other updates. So, continue reading this article till the end if you’re a fan of the Blacklist series.

The Blacklist, a popular crime thriller on NBC, has been appealing viewers for nearly a decade. Raymond Reddington is back to help the FBI take down a gang of evil criminals in the latest episode of the show’s tenth and final season, which aired not too long ago.

After an action-packed premiere, the second episode of the season aired on television last week. The audience is currently interested by when they can expect to see the third episode of The Blacklist season 10. Read on to find out everything about Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3.

Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3 Release Date

Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3
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The blacklist episode 3 of 10 is scheduled to debut on NBC on March 12, 2023, at 10 pm ET. The Four Guns is the title of the episode, which was written by Katie Bockes. This will take someplace between 40 and 45 minutes in total. On March 13, 2023, the episode will become available to stream Peacockwhich starts the very next day.

Major Casts In The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3

Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3
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The main cast members who will portray their roles in the upcoming episode 3 of the series include the following:

1. James Spader will portray the role of Raymond “Red” Reddington

2. Diego Klattenhoff will portray the role of Donald Ressler

3. Anya Banerjee will portray the role of Siya Malik

4. Hisham Tawfiq will portray the role of Dembe Zuma

5. Harry Lennix will portray the role of Harold Cooper

6. Chin Han will portray the role of Wujing

7. Teddy Coluca will portray the role of Teddy Brimley

8. Jonathan Holtzman will portray the role of Chuck

9. Sami Bray will portray the role of Agnes Keen

10. Deirdre Lovejoy will portray the role of Cynthia Panabaker

The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3 Trailer

NBC has released a brief promotional video that gives viewers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming episode of The Blacklist season 10. In the sneak peek, we see Cynthia Panabaker being attacked, and then Reddington says that the attack was carried out by a. a group known as The Four Guns.

Red and his crew are in a race against time to catch the culprits and preserve the senator’s life even although she is still at risk. Check out the trailer above:

Number of Episodes in Season 10 of The Blacklist

Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3
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The final season is anticipated to have 22 episodes, airing once a week on Sundays, like most of the previous installments. The titles of the first 12 episodes of the season have been revealed, and it’s anticipated that the show will take a break beyond that point. The air date for the season and series finale has not yet been revealed.

More About The Blacklist Show

Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3
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James Spader revealed the news about the continuation of the show on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, on February 22, 2022, and NBC released an announcement instantly after.

The news that the upcoming season will be the final installment of the show was confirmed by NBC in an official statement on February 1, 2023. The season poster and trailer were both released in same day. Later, James Spader admitted that the season was meant to be the last to end the series properly.

Davis Entertainment, Universal Television, and Sony Pictures Television are the producers of season 10. Executive producers John Eisendrath, John Davis, Joe Carnahan, and John Fox continue their work on the series, while the original series creator Jon Bokenkamp also returned to the production team in the role of executive producer.

Where Can You See The Blacklist?

Blacklist Season 10 Episode 3
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All upcoming and former episodes of the show “Blacklist” are available to watch on Peacock. Also, you can watch the show on NBC. If you want to watch the show on NBC, however, you need a cable connection in order to do so.

In addition, the network is broadcast live through TV streaming applications such as Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TVand FuboTV. Otherwise, you’ll need a current subscription to Peacock in order to watch the program there. The streaming service plans start at $4.99 per month.