Beyonce’s 11-year-old daughter decided to accompany her eldest daughter to her recent performance!

Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy appeared on stage for an epic dance during a concert in Paris.

Celebrities today try to promote their kids as much as they are attempting to promote themselves.

And the reason behind it’s the secure future they try to give their kids. Whatever luxurious life they had created, they try to give the same to their kids and therefore they started to keep them in front.

Whether it’s related to the future with any appearance of an event or any performance, they try to give company to those kids as well.

The same happened with the singer Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy. The 11-year-old girl is now ready to join her mother and take the throne.

And that is the reason why she came on 26 May 2023 to make it clear after joining the stage with her mother Beyonce.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy Performing Together.


The girl entered the stage as a surprise and incredible performance that came with all the choreography.

The choreography was not a simple one but really hard however, Blue decided to keep it light and very easy. She was there on stage while her mother was performing My Power.

And without delay, the girl quickly entered the formation and started to go with the difficult move. As soon as the crowd noticed, they started cheering for the girl.

Talking about the Fashion that Blue decided to wear then she was someplace to compare her mother. The 11-year-old is seen wearing a shiny silver top paired with metallic pants.

She was also wearing sunglasses and searching super cute. While on the other hand, Beyonce was looking back and again at her daughter’s performance throughout the stage. And no wonder, the mother was pleased with her eldest daughter in the performance and so was the father.

Jay Z he was also in the audience watching his wife and daughter’s performance. She talks more about Blue then she is a regular throughout her mother’s tour and is usually spotted in the audience.

Right at the opening of the whole tour, Blue appeared in many pictures looking precisely like her mother.

On that night, she came in great style in an oversized t-shirt and pants while matching with earrings. Her side profile was doing very well according to fans as she was looking like Beyonce.